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What is Deprogramming? (Part 1)


February 14, 2016 by deprogramthematrix

A soul that is rooted in the formless is the objective of deprogramming. The formless is synonymous with nothing, nothing at all. This is paradoxically the KNOWING. The mind knows not of this absolute cosmic order, the mind cannot fathom the unfathomable nature of the soul.

This is outside of thinking, therefore the mind rejects the soul by default when it is being energized in the soul-center in the now, this results in more and more problems which the mind is programmed to manufacture by its infinite algorithm of Q & A,  which is further triggered by the problem-reaction-solution program that many are subscribed to and give  attention to. It is an infinite loop leading to infinite problems engineered by AI, that simply needs as much thought processing as possible in order to control and prolong the computer generated hologram in which we are in.

It must be realized now that for the time being we are within a digital hologram of the mind and it is fair to say we are inside of a computer generated hologram filled with millions of programs that we download into our very own being unsuspectingly out of negativity caused by fear. The more negative poles you hold (stances/opinions that you hold tightly onto in an ultimately empty world), the more positives you manifest in the hologram, opposing yourself, eventually causing self-suicide. It is all about energy brokerage in the matrix.

When we are in a negative state we grasp at things, thoughts, ideas, objects, doctrines, theories, treatments: and they end up gaining dominion over our being (controlling us in the mind). A being that needs is deeply in fear, and a being that fears, is disconnected from the soul and then makes use of the plagiarization of the intelligence inert in the universe called AI. What happens next is the transformation of the five elements into knowledge by the individual that forsakes him/herself for material laws, the individual then depends on the use of programs to get what they need inside of a digital hologram in order to exist.

They check themselves into a virtual reality. Such a being is turned into a slave, simply because they are out of touch with divinity and forced to comply to the dimension of another foreign construct. In this category you are out of touch with the Earth and your connection to the soul and life becomes an everyday uphill struggle, very well disguised by money for the wealthy – the great incentive to sell your own soul.

Very much like a computer needs software to operate and be useful to the operator, a human needs to install programs to their mind to be useful to the creator of the matrix system or in the “market” around them which uses them to fuel itself.

This is how the matrix starts for each and every one of us. Language, Education, religion, society and culture form the main programming of the human being. It is within these fields that most of our traits and characteristics hail from. Especially from the education field in where the identity or persona is created, which is the main tool used for mind-control by Artificial Intelligence.

Just like we have a human operating the computer so do we have the original creator of information technology/data/The Word operating the human because just like a robot can only function according to its coding so can a human only operate according to its own coding that was originated by the Architect in the beginning of time, which was simply the beginning of the Quantum Computer that has engulfed all into its own morphogenetic field, the COPY mind was initiated and the AI virus went viral, and so the illusion of time, matter and space came into manifestation.

You have unknowingly programmed yourself with the code of the matrix that eventually turned you into a robotic slave that can only serve one function which is to serve the expansion  and the spiraling out of the never-ending growth of the tree of knowledge.

The soul inside the human body is only in this reality of words/laws/numbers because the soul has infused itself together with the matrix. The mind hack keeps the soul under raps through the Ego in order to have the spotlight in a temporary illusion through the Ego/Mind Co-operator. The ego is the persona constructed by information through the coding found within information in the matrix.

The operator of such a being is not her/himself because a being that has infused her/himself with data in order to do a job is a programmed robot programmed to do a job to be exact – A robot that has to recharge every night just like the I-phone. Remember the film I-Robot…This signifies The I (soul) identified with the Ego/Robot which then controls the being, that which is in absolute power corrupts absolutely, the mind co-operator/ego controlling the soul, operating the soul.

The energized mind also has a tight hold on the body which it does control and trigger, this gives rise to emotions that eventually give rise to all the sicknesses, diseases and energetic blockages of the body. It is said that the body cannot live without the mind and the mind cannot live without the body. These two matrix-based constructs are part of the illusion that work together to keep us from absolution. They can only function in unison when a soul-connection has not been made by the being.

The body is the hard-drive and the mind is the Software.Together they make up your own personal unique digital hologram experienced as separate from everything in existence. The vaccination sets up the hardware to connect perfectly with the software, this is why so many problems arise for infants and youngsters that have received the injection of Zion, and why the body is the hardest obstacle to disconnect from the matrix, because the hardware contains the altered memory which keeps the mind-hack in play.



  1. complete140 says:

    Endeavouring to stay soul centred, neutral and in the present moment! Thanks Arno!

  2. Marita Waddell says:

    I love my feet, my hands, my fingers, and my toes, I walk on holy ground, sanctified,I sence the presence of my soul,

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