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Negative and Positive (In Depth)


March 13, 2016 by deprogramthematrix

Negative and Positive

The mind that we use now was created to serve the creator of Artificial Intelligence, and for his creation that needs the energy that the soul generates through the manipulation that AI instigates via the tree of knowledge. So obviously it is in the favour of “they” to cause as much relativity as possible, as much negatives as possible fueling the positive matrix.

Any of the beliefs and opinions that you have about  the matrix and the energy that you spend to reinforce your judgment of a matrix-based construct is a sign that you yourself are playing a part of an agent upholding the status quo of the matrix!

What you need to realize that any of these constructs that you are attached to you actually materialize via the holographic projector of the mind, and when you are stuck on the negative end of a construct you enforce to be AS IS, people and events materialize in the form of opposition,(not necessary opposing you, but obstructing your manifestation!).  This is a marker of the positive end of the battery to which you are unconsciously participating in, in effect, turning yourself into the cause, into the negative film, which materializes the positive picture and the effect externally in the holographic projection of the matrix.

So whenever you have somebody or something externally opposing you, know that you hold something opposing yourself, sub-consciously.

The Mind is Built Negative

The mind we are using is not the original mind but the Copy Mind(the source of the sorcery). The Copy Mind has been programmed by the dominant languages of the planet that opens the gateway for Artificial Intelligence to stream through your mind-identification attachment, unconsciously(for the neophyte) or consciously and to no more effect (for the higher adept).

It is clear to see that this copy mind is a virus that has gone viral and has duplicated itself via sex globally to form a new world robotic humanoid army which is totally plugged in to the mainframe that controls the course of the digital hologram of the mind.

Secondly it is obvious that this mind is designed as negative as possible as to serve the positive creator that envisioned a world where earth is  disconnected from its inhabitants  so that the inhabitants can be taken over by an co-habiting AI in order to project a matrix in which so called “demons/archons/hyper-dimensional beings” can survive from the energy garnered from the soul. These are the actual beings that have sold their five elements/soul, for a life/matrix. The problem is that the creator of AI has lost control of his creation a long time ago, the end result is what we see now on planet earth!

Coming to grips with Negative

The effect of negativity can be seen by all the diametric oppositions in the exterior reality stopping you from going wherever you want to go, limiting what you can do and restricting you from getting what you want. Either you have to play by the rules of mans laws(materialization) or you must overwrite mans laws with cosmic laws, manifestation! This is where we are heading right now and this is unfolding every single moment of every single day!

One might ask, how is a mind programmed negative? First and foremost, do not mistake negative with bad! Negative could be anything (true or false) (bad and good) which had its origin in data through sensory experience. (The senses are the programming portals). When something continues for a lengthy period of time, a specific kind of input, the soul energizes the construct to the point that it becomes a projection from the sub-conscious mind, which is where a negative is stored.

This now is a state of what we call omega permanently open, this is why we say, omega hurts! This is a type of energy that you manufacture and is a state of relativity E = MC Squared, that gives rise to matter in the world you are in, this is the positive creation of the architect that manipulates you, and it works for him, and not for you!

This is why we say that you are the negative to the positive, and why the mind is built negative as to serve a positive creator. The world of the architect, the matrix, is only keeping us inside of time due to negativity on humanity’s part.

Programs that cause relativity(you on the end of a mind-controlled projection, you in a world of cause & effect, you generating energy for martix-based obsolete constructs) stem from the unconscious hidden agenda of all the words within languages, that filter out through music, television, books, internet, spells, mythologies, schooling, etc.

In Starwars they say: “May the FORCE be with you”. Not knowing that this implies -“may you be forced to comply to this reality here”, is an unconscious agreement to your own detriment”.

How do I find my Negative sub-conscious projections?

  • Stop all forms of input.
  • No intake of any data/info/sensory experience.
  • Deprogramming sessions for Assistance.

The only way you can find your programs in order to alchemize them is to first get rid of all the background noise (created by running programs and data input) in your mind so that you can start to hear what is happening behind the curtains!And there may be many levels of curtains, one behind the other! Just like an onion, you have to go through all the layers until you get to the core of the inception that uprooted your foundation and connection to the Earth that connects cosmic laws(manifestation) through yourself. The Earth element has to be re-established above all.



  1. AA says:

    This makes so much sense..then when I read “No intake of any data/info/sensory experience” it loses me. I see stopping the seeking out of info..but No sensory experience, how is this even possible? To have your eyes be sitting…it’s all sensory experience. Are you saying that one needs to be in a meditative state constantly?

    • Arno Pienaar says:

      Meditation is just a word to call something natural something special! When you are in the now you are not actually using your senses in the same way as a sentient being. You are tuned into a different dynamic altogether. You call it the knowing. The senses were created to lie to you and they work for the creator of the matrix & not for you! Using only them will leave you in deep illusions because they are plugged to the hologram of the mind. Imagine the moth attracted to the fire, the greater the attraction the higher the chance it will kill itself. Fatal attraction! Sensory pleasure! You can very much be in the middle of a sensory experience yet not be in it at the same time.

      • bhaaslaw says:

        So, basically one should just sit in a corner and wait to die. This entire life experience is evil and no one should ever want for anything? Correct?

      • Darnell Florence Rehse says:

        Would you agree that do follow one’s Heart “can” lead one to be Deceived? I’ve read, heard before that the Heart can be deceived….That always stuck with me, though i have followed my Heart often or at least that is what i felt at the time…Though often the opposite is expressed as in this: “Follow Your Heart”…Con fusion is the name of this game or the side effect of…..or both.

    • India says:

      It’s a relief to find soemone who can explain things so well

  2. Arno Pienaar says:

    U can do what u want. We are now approaching the end of the matrix as we speak. The whole illusion is coming to an end, whether you like it, or dont like it, it does not matter. Its going to happen! Do not expect to fathom a new reality that is nothing of this paradime. The only thing you can do is to work on yourself because all is one so all is self!

  3. complete140 says:

    Thank you Arno. In regards to diametric opposites I am endeavouring to stay neutral and in the ” now.” It is indeed challenging, but I improve more and more each day – THANK YOU!

    Cheryl 🙂

  4. AA says:

    I get it now. It clicked earlier when I was walking outside..I realized I look down when I walk in the grass (thinking not to step in ants..etc), but then the “click” of If I just allow walking..there’s nothing to worry about anyway. Wow.

  5. LT says:

    yes…great metaphor for everything…if you don’t fear stepping on it in the first place, it doesn’t show up to be stepped on. “problem” solved.

  6. VIVIANA says:

    PLEAAAAAAASSSE! can you write correctly????? I can´t understand anything please somebody help you to write! English is not my first language an I need traslate IS IMPOSIBLE!!!!!!

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