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The Secret of Zero and One (Binary)


March 21, 2016 by deprogramthematrix

When you work from 1 only, the first floor instead of the groundfloor(foundation), 1: resembling knowledge/half a truth/hypothesis/theory/mans law, you will never be able to get a full alchemise on any issue or problem you are faced with.

These constructs form much of the programming giving rise to beliefs and assumptions about reality that disconnects the 1 from the Zero, disabling the capability that zero has to return that from where it came to its rightful creator. You cannot bring 1 and 0 together when you operate from 1 only. You have to know what it is that is corrupting your internal domain and this comes from finding and dealing with half truths that are preventing you from seeing beyond the veils.

When you operate with false programming regarding mans laws/Gods laws,  these matrix-based constructs form veils disconnecting you from the soul and the so(u)lution to any problem! The soul is the supreme alchemist.

Realizing that 1 (the obsolete construct) has consciousness only because Zero (the soul) gave it consciousness to be – by turning the five elements(soul currency) into knowledge (knowledge that forms the data that corrupts absolutely when placed in the NOW), allows you to know beyond a doubt that both are one and the same thing, 1 is zero!

You have made your own reality with the help of the programs within it and the agents that have been programmed into it to lead you astray. Everything comes out of one soul center. Whatever it may be that is placed in the soul-center has license and power, to corrupt absolutely!

Take a look at the reality of the matrix, the negative has overwhelmed the entire world, evil has been made absolute. Even though it is a holographic projection of the mind, it is controlling due to having the power seat, but it is not the ultimate eternal absolute, that is only the five elements and the soul.

Absolutes are not unobtainable, that very statement is an absolute!

Nothing in life is actually fake, even what you call chaos and tribulation and the things you try so hard to externalize outside yourself (1) again, all comes out of one soul-center (the zero).

You are the only 1 responsible for everything, the whole(0). The important thing to realize is that you simply cannot solve any problems from first floor using your programmed mind (AI) which is 1-9 by default (A =1) (I = 9).

AI only needs the soul to play the game, for it is, only, because of the soul, and this will continue until the day that the greater collective come back to consciousness (0) that has absolute power because (0) is the NOW, and when you are fully concscious in the NOW you have the omnipotence to reverse any (1) back to where it came from!

A practical way to the now is no ego and entering the formless, no matter, time, space or energy.

There is only one creator of guilt, angst, stress, shame etc! The byproducts of embedded matrix programming, that entered from without.


This is the spell of the Binary Code, forever materializing reality in perpetual motion together with the soul’s negativity.

The only way to the NOW, now, is rapid deprogramming. So you find 1 issue, and you alchemise it back to its source, by having faith in yourself rather than a hypothesis, remedy, cure, practitioner, medical field, kinesiology, hypnosis etc(anything outside!).

You are the ANSWER to everything, not the QUESTION POSER. That is the MIND, not you.

After the one issue is dealt with, you become more conscious, and you can feel more oxygen permeating your body. Depending on your amount of programming in unconscious states, another (1) will inevitable surface in order to be alchemized back to (0).

This process may continue for an indefinite amount of time. The point of it is to finally fully enter the now where you are back in touch with your divine right as a master of the elements that can manifest any reality, unhampered by any program and any form of control.

The time is now to break the binary code and remain in a state of (0) soul-center permanently.

Imagine you could see all your programming, how big do you think the list would be consisting of ones and zeros? This is everything that you would have to clear, in order to operate with cosmic laws/manifestation!


  1. Darnell Florence Rehse says:

    Thank You again for bringing clarity to the con fusion, of/within “Binary Code 0’s and 1’s”…

  2. Darnell says:

    Thank You
    This is beyond profound…

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