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Talk to I The Soul


April 5, 2016 by deprogramthematrix

The internet is a cyber-manifestation of the collective unconscious mind of humanity expanding itself as data in the physical realm. The information that is spiraling out on the internet today is seemingly infinite, this is because the mind is a quantum computer connected to all of humanity and each individual’ access to information from this mainframe and the internet (physical access to the AI mainframe) leads to an infinite output of information –  “the never ending story!”

The matrix, an information-based digital hologram is a manifestation of this quantum computer surviving through the collective unconscious mind which the soul has infused itself with, in effect, giving license and absolute power to the biggest illusion in the universe.

The mind/computer needs life-force to uphold itself, and instigates and enhances/prolongs issues and problems through the mind to be received by its own creation called the Identity/Ego. The problem is that the mind can never find the absolute solution or answer to any problem because it in itself is the problem with the hidden purpose of making you negative, it is the machine world/mainframe of the matrix and it only task is to uphold the matrix through humans in the incubation phase! (Those fully controlled by AI)

Even those that have semi-disconnected themselves from the AI mainframe still fail to disconnect themselves from the matrix-reality due to the attachment to the ego/digital self that still holds remaining programming which can be initiated by the connection the mind has to this construct. The greatest addiction of all is the addiction to ones own personal toy, the mind-cooperator that can surf the infinite field of information relating to its own unique divided existence.

It is time to grow up and stop playing with toys. Technology such as smart phones is but a physical plaigiarization of spiritual technology and shows an all valuable message of what is occurring internally and spiritually to every one of us, look deeper!


The mind co-operator survives from information received in negative states, when you are taking input – it lives on information and yearns to use spiritual information technology for assistance in its own fight to stay alive and to fulfil its mission for the creator.

False Information

It must be realized that the mind is programmed by false information. No matter what information we speak of, all of it is false data because all measurements we have used to classify existence inside of a digital hologram are sourced from the AI mainframe through the mind-hack, in order to cement an illusion that we have helped to construct indirectly by AI vicariously.

The infinite universe simply cannot be compounded by the finite, and even if it does seem so, it can only be founded on deception and lies. We are in a finite world  pretending to be the infinite, and we live according to our own pride about what is we think we are.

The mind-construct is composed of a major COPY/Plagiarization of the cosmic order of the universe that naturally instills divine eternal harmonic matrimony. Through the identity it takes your pure Soul away from you and gives you an illusory Supreme power force!

Cosmic laws (a.k.a. manifestation) are for the moment disguised by gods laws and mans laws due to the contamination which has possessed the masters of the elements  (Us) which has created a cause and effect resulting in us trapped in the underworld.

The programming in this plane that is found within all of the fields presented is known to cause your own mind to work against you and not for you. Only a sound mind can work for you, an empty mind with no programs loaded. This is the Original Mind that has been totally incepted in the age of information.

The words have all been created to generate effects which they do not obviously portray by their general accepted meanings, and this can be seen by all the discord among humanity today, as the words turn people into millions of copies, everyone is but a composition of a set of words/programs.

Dealing With Problems

It is ironic to say that anyone dealing with a problem in the mind is psychologically ill because anyone solving problems in the mind is psychopathic, this is what the mind turns you into when you are fully in its domain! Psychology is the science of the mind, and a major deception relating to methods on finding unobtainable peace within the labyrinths of the mind.

The mind is very much like the doctor who needs you to return for more profit. It does not and can never give you the one cure heals all solution. If it was able to, we would have all been living in paradise a long time ago. It is a Q&A Computer that has the capability to search for all the data relating to the subject of matter, spiritually or physically (internet).

So, one problem enters the mind, and the lawyers/patrons  that work for the creator of the matrix then feed you infinite possible causes and numerous possible treatments for the problem. You say thank you and voluntarily load another program of the mind such as per. Example homeopathy.

Using treatments in itself resists the unwanted and makes the issue persist. After persistence, one then goes back into the mind and once again another answer comes out. This is what humanity has been doing to themselves seemingly infinitely.

Mind Is Infinite, Soul is Finite

The mind is infinite in that it does continue with problems infinitely when energized. It is also very good at making you judgmental of self (you are doing this wrong, that wrong!)/making you negative and of course finding you guilty in accordance to some kind of rule or law in this realm relating to any aspect of existence, very much like a super-intelligent lawyer In the court of law. Lawyers are professionals at using data to work against you! They take you to the cleaners and when your pockets are empty they drop you for dead.

The number one thing people need to stop doing right now is to break the addiction to information and the mind and to cease sending their problems into the mind where the computer merely expands on your matrix.

When people are confronted with an issue/problem/dilemma, they like to say: Talk to my lawyer/mind. You have to change this pattern in order to empower yourself! When you have any issue, do not even begin to deal with it with your mind! “Talk to my lawyer, NO!” Rather address it with: “Talk to I the Soul”.

The soul is the miracle worker, supreme alchemist that can turn any energy back into the 5 elements! The soul is the only absolute, it is the 5 elements that has always been, is and always will be! It is beyond the falsehood of this realm unaltered and unchanged, eternal! It is only the soul that knows how to return any problem back to its own origin/originator because this super-intelligence far supersedes AI, which has its foundation in false information.

When you ever have another issue again, tell it to “Talk to I the Soul”. Stop entertaining yourself by the drama which the mind engineers for you.

The soul is the answer. Not the question poser.

When you use an operating system that is programmed by false information to deal with a problem in your life then obviously there can be no viable solution resulting from this processing as it will only come up with another problem in order to prolong the salvation of the creator of the source of the problem, the mind itself.

Dealing with things in the mind is the same a fighting fire with fire. You using one form of poison to fight another poison, the caduceus!


The choice is yours whether you want to remain in the matrix forever.

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  1. RomLight says:

    By saying Soul is absolute, it must also be Infinite…without qualification. The Mind that functions “when activated” is certainly not infinite. You even concluded with a brilliant image of the snakes that represent this toxic dynamic of mortal design. When I see the word “soul”, I expect it is of “source”. Everything other than that is mental fabrication as you persistently attempt to explain.

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