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The Source of ID/Alter Ego


April 8, 2016 by deprogramthematrix

All relationships/Relativity are built on ID. You enter into Relationships/partnerships/companies, education systems, and there you build your shadow. We call this “Black Sun!”

The duplicity of knowledge, it has a purpose to build an identity called ” ID.”

And when you enter this realm of turning your 5 elements into knowledge, you check in and you can’t check out! “Hotel California”.

The film the “Golden Compass” gives you a visual concept of how the system is Hell bent in formulating you into a persona! Taking your 5 Elements/ your Golden compass/ Your Divinity (Not Trinity)/ Your pure Soul away from you and giving you an illusory Supreme power force! Called the Pyramid system/ The Trinity! Corporate World/ Religion etc and now you have become a construct called a Clone!

You are being Cloned by the Tree of Knowledge.

All you can say is I did not know that. I was not aware of that. Surely if someone is going to rob you of your 5 elements, he is not going to inform you that he is going to rob you, he is just going to rob you!

When you look in the Mirror you are the product of what has been written.

Behind this Illusion  you have enslaved yourself and have been enslaved by others! The dye has been cast! Transcendence from this situation has to be undertaken.

You can not do it, because you are a copy of the Source of this Sorcery! The solution to the ID is for consciousness or pure Soul to enter into the Source, where the Sorcerer hangs out and reverse him back into his 5 elements!

Which was done in Metaphysics last night, which will finally close the Omega sign on the Book of Knowledge.

And the Cosmic laws will bring you back into the Now, into manifestation. – Conversations with an Alchemist


  1. LAVOIE says:

    Conversations with an Alchemist…is this a book, movie… I did a google search and nothing. Please share a LINK to what you are referencing. Thank you in advance!

    also diclem…no reference on the internet. Please share LINK to this reference.

  2. Joeie says:

    I don’t know who you wrote this for but you helped a brhtoer out.

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