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Dominating Light and Time


May 23, 2016 by deprogramthematrix

Inside of the holographic nature of the universe we see everything that is illuminated by the light. Every single thing you can possibly see in the hologram is in the past already. Light  can only shine on what has past. And so can your light too, unless you channel it within first and reflect it for a second time to bring forth your essence.

Present Time

What you see in the present time, is the significance of a past moment.

When your attention is in any way focused on the present moment then you lose your presence in the now and there you are vulnerable to any influence from this space.

The present moment is the realization of an occurrence that has already happened. (Even if it is 1 split second ago)

Attention on what another agent is projecting,  and the focus on the aftermath of anothers creation i.e. the entire matrix, causes subjection to the intention of the architect which is to keep you in tension and of course to use your soul as an energy supply to build something not of your creation. To keep it relative to you!

The present is noticing a new past immediately and then you linger here indeterminably, depending to your attachment to time. As long as any of your thoughts are focused on the construct of present time including your investment or debilitation in it, you simply cannot enter the now and your higher self, which would be no thing according to the mind.

Linger is the big word and a major program which keeps one inside of time together with the constraints to your manifestations that comes with time. In time you materialize and outside you manifest, in time you work under man’s laws and outside you work with cosmic laws.

Dialogue is one intelligence fighting another

When you are in dialogue with another intelligence you can only be affected by the laws odf domination when you are too much in the present, because this space is disconnected to your higher self, and fully connected to your lower self, which will fall prey to the lower forms of old common human interaction.

This is why you may have done and said very ridiculous things in the past, things that do not portray your essence. This is because the attraction to time where the mind is home also turns you into a conduit for artificial intelligence to work through and it all ends up in stupidity. All intelligence is just stupidity.  One intelligence can only fight another if both are in time. Duality is only in time.

The space which you want to operate from or rather have to reach within yourself by yourself is something that an be described as a zero point.  A state of internal oneness and agreement with absolution. The knowing, not the thinking.  A soul-centered state and not a mind-centered state. The non-physical, not the physical.

Remember that the architect can only be sourced from the future only while you were in present in a dead-end. When you functioning instead of being worked on by information streaming through your mind’s attachment to the matrix, when you are always on top of the game, inside of the next piece of your essence you wish to bring forth, then you are the one in the now that is sourced in the future determining what happens in the present, and light will of course follow you accordingly, all will be one with you.

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  1. Felipe Rossi says:

    I saw something like this happening … What is the solution to undo this type of programming?

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