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Know Thyself – Know ThySoul


May 28, 2016 by deprogramthematrix

Many people out there are still stuck in confusion about what the soul actually is,  today I would like to clarify this confusion. Even though the soul is definitely something that cannot be put into a box, I will attempt to do so for those needing an intellectual channel to something that is not of intellect whatsoever.

The Soul Explained

The soul is the whole. It is everything in existence; anything can only exist within the soul. There is nothing outside of it, for it is the whole, and in the matrix, it comes forth as all the divided aspects of the whole. The major shift that needs to be made is to fathom that the one whole shall always be greater than the sum of its parts, due to the sums being temporary expressions of template experiences, and that all of this experience is ultimately emptiness.

There is nothing in creation that does not have soul in it. Everything that comes into creation successfully does so out of the freewill of the soul, including so called inorganic artificial intelligence. The soul can be likened to consciousness, because consciousness is also within everything that is. The soul cannot be triangulated or pinpointed simply because it is not something, and therefore it is no thing, yet it is everything, but, nothing the mind can grasp. The only way to come to terms with what the soul is, is to simply conscientize to the deepest depth in your heart, that I AM THAT I AM. IT IS ALL ONE SOUL. EVERYTHING IS YOURSELF, ALL IS SELF.

The soul cannot be located on a certain point or space and it most certainly cannot be possessed by anything or anyone, for it is inside anything and everyone by default no matter how far one strays down under, there is a tiny last inch of your being that cannot be removed or broken, it is the same spark that everything contains that is alive.

Do not confuse this spark with spirit, for a spirit is more correctly termed a divided aspect of soul that experiences itself separate from all of creation. The spirit is mortal and experiences life and death and of course, reincarnation in an attempt to correct the mistake that made the soul change into a spirit. The soul will simply allow the lost aspect of itself to rectify itself inside of time, in the same place where the mistake was made, hence recurring patterns in lifetimes.

The soul is turned into a spirit when it embraces any of the books of knowledge i.e. any religious doctrine or mythology or any of the ology’s like science, astrology, physics, medical field, culture, laws – all the artificial divisions of reality in the matrix that is taken on  by the spirit which believes that the digital hologram is all that is.

Furthermore, even though a spirit experiences mortality and different lifetimes, ultimately it belongs to the the one soul, that is immortal and eternal.

The Law of One

Violating the freewill of other divided aspects of soul breaks ether.  In other words, anyone that sells their soul for a temporary part in the matrix consciously or unconsciously which affects other aspects of soul out of this act harmfully, does have to face the consequences. More simply, harming another in any way violates the freewill of others, violating the law of one messes up the whole/soul that others find themselves in.

Out of such an act would arise the phenomena of karma, for one has to face the one whole no matter where you hide, and when you do evil to the whole, the whole shall show you what you are doing to yourself, it is as simple as that.

Everyone in this moment of time has to deal with their interaction with the creation of the creator.


Inorganic matter may not have souls, but it is infused with our consciousness due to the potential of the soul electing anything under the sun as an absolute.

Absolutes are obtainable and any evil or lie can be made absolute in the soul center when a soul sells its divinity for a part or a plot in materialism. This is an attempt, exactly like the architect attempted, to break the one whole/soul. This is how absolute evil was made possible in the first place.

Anything under the sun can attain a status of absolution in the soul center which assumes absolute power which can then corrupt absolutely, especially if a soul has no recollection of this absolute truth.

Furthermore, anything in your own soul-center is energized by all of consciousness simply because everything is one with you. This is a major principle of the soul, it is one whole. Connected! Not plugged in!

This is the big secret that “they” do not want you to know, that you are a prime creator, inert able to manifest anything that can be possibly fathomed.

Physical Hypothesis of THE SOUL

The 5 elements can also bring one to an understanding of what the soul is made of. Just like a cake has 5 main ingredients, so does the soul too have five main ingredients, namely – ether, earth, water, fire and oxygen/air.

In physicality these elements can be sensed within all that is.

All matter consists of the Earth, water, air  and fire. Your body consists of these four mentioned elements only, and the whole construct of matter permeates of them too. The body is made up of mostly water, air in and out your lungs and the flesh and bones are put together out of the earth.

Even physically the elements prove it is all that is, it is just THE MIND,  which is non-physical animation, that would tend to disagree. If the five elements make up all that is then it must be of soul.

Spiritual Significance

Spiritually speaking, the elements are of much more significance.

Earth represents the foundation to the cosmic consciousness, your roots. (What you are founded on.) Any inception in the matrix you attach yourself to breaks your earth element.

Water is consciousness. Consciousness is occluded by energy which you experience in many different forms when you find yourself as a battery/terminal. Energizing something obsolete consciously or unconsciously.

Oxygen is the knowing, the mind uses oxygen as its main energy supply and this equals ignorance as all your oxygen is taken from you.

Without oxygen you have no fire element. No light, no conviction, no MOJO! No Creation!

If one element is out of place, then your ether element is not whole, its broken, in other words, something corrupting absolutely within your soul center is violating your own manifestation and wholeness, breaking your soul-connection, because you are missing one of the key ingredients of the soul.


  1. Filippa says:

    Thanks Arno! I will translate this into swedish ! If it is Okey with you….

  2. Darnell says:

    This is truly beyond the word Profound : ))
    Thank You fellow soul

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