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Body – Soul – Mind


June 7, 2016 by deprogramthematrix

Many of ancient spiritual texts speak of “mind, body and soul.” Nobody has ever questioned the subliminal message hidden in this statement. Look at the order of these words, first we have mind, then body in the center, and soul as the last word.

This axiom insinuates that the body is in the center, which is a three-dimensional holographic construct. And subliminally spells out that the mind gives rise to it.

Indeed, what most people believe to be holding the most significance on this plane, is the body. Everywhere you look, people are paying billions to look beautiful and feed this body specific  fuels, like it’s some kind of a formula one car. Diets, veganism etc…

You should deprogram this old axiom and overwrite it with body, soul, mind. Now we have the absolute cosmic consciousness in the center. The Soul in the center! Not mind or body centered.

From here, The mind cannot trigger the body because it has to pass through the soul first. The soul negates the information technology of the mind that is the same mind as the collective unconscious mind that is hardwired to receive matrix-based nonsense from the main-frame (Luciferian mindset). The Soul has the potency to put an end to all mechanisms mind-based that influences the body with energy.

The body also, together with its DNA codes that plays out sequences and genetic inheritances and inhibitions from past ancestors, (the memory stick),  loses its power when the obsolete holographic truth of it is brought into the light of the eternal, untouched and pure soul.

The body and the mind want to remain in power and, when one wants to become soul centered once again, there may be a battle.

Consistency every day is key, by continuing to alchemize and deprogram all the origin points of the information technological streamings you are on the receiving end of, eventually emptiness is established, and it is from here, where the one creator is re-established.



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