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Identify Agent Smith (Revised)


June 7, 2016 by deprogramthematrix

Once a person starts gaining consciousness of what is truly going on, then something peculiar in the reality starts occurring. People and situations suddenly starts to materialize like crabs in a bucket, grabbing at your ankles as you are trying to exit the matrix.

I call these people the “Agent Smiths.” They manifest through anyone, even those you love. It is not actually a force out to get you, it is merely seeing through more veils, seeing more darkness, not previously acknowledged.

Your closest loved ones may simply be pawns for the Luciferian mindset that uses persons close to you to chain and lock you into a cage (matrix), where you fit into the picture of other realities instead of the one that you so direly wish to manifest.

People project their personal realities everywhere they go and you are just a small part of their realities when you are subjectified by no faith and confidence in yourself. Everyone  is expected to fulfill a specific role within their own reality, corresponding to the expectation of the programs subscribed to, by inter-meddling with others that form part of the status-quo of the matrix.

If you have accepted a role that you play in the lightshow of a loved one, then you make yourself subject to the projections emanating from them into your very own reality. The sins of the Father follow the Son.

Subservience can be very devious and goes much deeper than you may have ever thought.

All the origins of our troubles and fears are sourced within the hologram, through others part of the hologram that have no soul-connection. Realize now that a problem in the psyche may be fueled from a connecting thread from one reality into another. Two parallel timelines forced to remain side by side.

Projection works that way, they catch you when you are young and vulnerable,  there you receive overt and covert negativity in the form of hatred which branches out to all the other negative matrix-based energies experienced.

Have you ever heard that close relatives or lovers can telepathically sense if something bad is happening in the reality of the other? This phenomenon occurs due to shared intertwined realities and is much more common than only between blood relatives and lovers.

When another AI-based persona is one with you, through the phenomena of conditional love, then you will experience the same pain that the other is going through, through a connecting etheric thread.

A man who is insecure and fears that his girlfriend will cheat on him, projects all this fear into the reality of his partner whom, in turn, also becomes insecure from all the psychic dirt, making the nightmare come to fruition eventually.

“What I have feared has come upon me!”

A parent who fears her son is not fit for the adult world and is attached to the child/parent relationship, will continuously bombard and torment the child’s reality with all sorts of psychic mess. And the child, attached by the bond of a conditional love, shall receive.

The child will experience a major fear of failure, which shall come to fruition to materialize the thoughts that manifest the reality of the mother and son together.

Unplugging all the projections

The Agent Smiths do not work in direct ways, rather sinisterly they operate through the unseen world, or spiritual world, if you like.

Always remember that people unconsciously project their shadow selves onto others, i.e. aspects of themselves they are unwilling to forgive out of guilt, or unwilling to accept out of pride. Pride is indeed the number one killer of consciousness.

So they impose these swords onto others rather than facing them themselves. They unconsciously gather people in their lives so that the poison within them may be trans-shared, using others as scapegoats.

To remove yourself from a negative projection in a relationship, is to remove yourself from the role you are attached to.

Playing a part in any kind of relationship, especially out of guilt, keeps you on the receiving end of projections that distort the clear potential of your own reality.

You should choose your friends and lovers carefully.

The mere intention of changing the relational dynamic will put in motion a resetting of the fiber optics, creating new unfamiliar pathways for light or thought to flow through.

First, simply target the source of the negative projection and see the influence and distortion it is causing. See the pattern all the way back through time through the ancestry line of that particular being.

Then, you can turn it in on itself and back to its rightful owner, taking no responsibility for what is not yours.

Before you can step into a new world, you will first need to erase this reality, including your self and everyone else in it. Simply because ultimately there is no self, there is no such thing as a personality, it is all part of the matrix!

Source: DreamcatcherReality


  1. julie orourke says:

    This is just Brilliant. x

  2. Trish says:

    I agree. It is brilliant. Will be reading all articles posted on this website. Thank you very much for sharing all this information.

  3. Darnell says:

    Wow, oh my god, or more rightly oh my Architect!!! not mine truly…..

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