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Dismantling The Trinary Trinity of Tri-Infinity


June 16, 2016 by deprogramthematrix

Please see Doubt, one of the sides of this trinity if you haven’t yet.  Now it is time to examine the next construct, the ramification of doubt which you sit with, called memory!

Memory is the other piece of the puzzle together with doubt which is a major splinter keeping you in a stagnant reality that is paused, chained by too many anchoring points consisting of matrix-based constructs within time, effectively keeping you out of the now.


Creation of Alter Ego

This creation and everything inside of this present matrix is not of your creation, it is only seemingly immortal “temporarily”  because of memory. If there is no memory, there is no matrix, it is as simple as that.

Memory is the creation of the architect because all memory is sourced from the hologram/illusion, created by the architect in the first place, and you are the one that obliviously owns the significance of your own delusional legend/idol/hero of the role you play in a script, this is for the salvation of the creator, and for the salvation of the matrix! Memory is computational resources, stored information in a databank, how can this possibly belong to the soul, data from a machine?

If you play the game of time, if you do it to be remembered in the memory of others, you invariably remember your own memory, daily. This keeps you looking back, unable to make the breakthrough forward! Memory causes you to make two steps back and one step forward. Keeps consciousness in time…

If you do anything in any form as to impress or attain a status, you are building a tower, out of data, you are playing the architect’s game, because you will undoubtedly be attached to the saga of your personal story that is not eternal, and by this act, the alter ego remains in power, suppressing and reminding through its inter-woven circuitry, memory, which you energize in a lackluster attempt to be something.

Ending Tri-Infinity

Doubt, memory and alter ego forms the trinity of tri-infinity, these three constructs have brought the illusion of an infinite expansion of the creator and regression of the soul! It is only the soul that can make the tri-infinity finally finite, bringing an end to the illusion, an end to the end days! In the twinkling of an eye, it all changes for the soul that transcends the trinary trinity.

The whole will always be greater than the sum of its pieces, and you can only become one whole when you are rooted in the knowing, no ego, no mind, no thoughts, no matter, no time, no space, no energy, nothing – everything.

Only you can bring it to an end, nobody will do it for you. Only you can enter a new limitless transcendence.

No memories are yours, it is simply stored data which keeps you in relativity (images/thoughts greater, and yourself lesser), innerstand that any thoughts creates the phenomena of cause and effect in the underworld to which you make yourself subject to. You can only become one in the underworld when you remove all causes to all effects.


Transcending Memory

Memory is black magic, it keeps you inside the past, inside your memories. Inside of a virtual reality! Stuck, trapped, head under water in time! Out of the now, where anything is possible because in the now there is no form, here consciousness can be anything, here there is no glass holding the water, and water is consciousness.

Absolutes are obtainable, so, the absolute impossible can only be possible.

When you make memory an absolute, it corrupts absolutely.

Memory projects into the future, keeping the past and the present in the future (past and present is the story of the matrix), its revived through you on a daily basis, past/present/future is all in one, within the construct of memory, and all this plays out from the now, when you are outside of the now by putting all of it in the now, yes you, yourself, doing it to yourself.

You are the one allowing it, you are the one energizing your memories. Memory and doubt, memory out of doubt, locks the chain between you and a holographic projection that fits the creator of memory and not you.

Innerstand now that all of the interface, experiences, relationships, participations, exposures, awarenesses, observations, insights, etc. is all time-based and matrix-based and was orchestrated by Artificial Intelligence (through others mind-centered) in order to load you with data/memories as to make you a holographic projector of the matrix…

When you function on memory this also makes you an alter ego by default! You have to deal with all three sides of the trinity to break this once and for all!

You might have been fooled that your memories is all you have to savor, a massive shame how we have been conned to believe that this pinprick of an illusory experience is everything that is, this something, the it, will remain your own something as long as you hold it up or identify anyhow with IT. (Information Technology).

You can be likened to a memory stick inside of a computer, keeping the same program running on a daily basis, programs sourced in the macrocosm that has no microcosm within it. No Soul!

In your natural state you should be new every single second of every single hour!

How you broke the Ether and Earth Element

The matrix has no consciousness by itself, the creator of it sold his own soul to his own creation, he gave up his own ether (oneness to everything) to initiate this, to be something. “Something is better than nothing” and depended on others to do the same…

One copy, two copies, eventually millions, eventually almost the entire population of the world! Go forth and multiply! First one sells their earth element to be in the matrix, by becoming a terminal, positive and negative, not neutral, not earthed!

Next, one takes on the alter ego, making knowledge/the word an absolute, disconnecting from all that is, breaking your own ether!

All within the matrix/macrocosm does not have soul, the creator depends on the soul to keep his creation conscious, the foundation of the matrix now is only consciousness, the last remaining group of souls unconsciously conscientizing/providing energy to the machine.


As you can see, inside the macrocosm there is simply no microcosm.

By Reclaiming your Earth Element, by attaining complete Neutrality, (No Negative, No Positive) and by restoring your Ether, by deprogramming all words that hold you in subjectivity in a matrix, bringing all back to zero(something to nothing), do you reconnect to the soul, to the one whole(home), and by this, you exit the matrix and enter a new world, called the dreamworld, where the absolute impossible becomes possible.


  1. Tom says:

    Just became acquainted with your perception of some interesting thoughts ….about a few conditional experiences I’ve come upon dealing with requirements for consiously separating from the 3rd dimensional illusion. Only read the introductions and a few articles from your log and am looking forward to more similarly charged material.


  2. Haffey says:

    Such synchronicity. I was thinking today that people fear death because they want to be remembered/infinite.
    Next I recall shaking 2 peoples hands. But I realized I haven’t shaken anyones hand recently.
    Then I begin to think I must have dreampt it. Yet I recall how it felt and what I was thinking when I was shaking hands. The hook is what did I agree to that I cant recall? So I’m gonna leave that mind game right here and now!

  3. Marcelle says:

    A very interesting topic indeed, shedding the light on truth. Just a side note: the practice of stopping the mind called prachiahara in Sanskrit is a practical way and study into application and practice, in my experience. Although I have found initiation by a master from no mind space is slightly easier to grasp. It takes practice daily of delving into that space to completely attain it. The matrix is way more complex and stronger than we anticipate.
    Any thoughts and practical experience from “you” ? I would love to hear..
    May peace find us all xx

  4. David Johnson says:

    I truly appreciate the insight which you share in your blogs. Changing the matrix that’s manipulating all life on Terra-Earth is a priority humanity needs to focus positively into.
    However, few would have the awareness which you are expressing and methods to change the status quo are vitally important for all of Earth’s humanity.
    Thanks for pointing us towards alchemy to use for changing certain dynamics.


  5. Barbara says:

    Alfred, this is incredable! I want to now more. Thank you for sharing.

  6. in holographic smallest particle is exact part of big picture,so?

  7. LukeUs says:

    Please help mabey? How can i purify my heart our mind to purify my dreams that i barely have

  8. Cheyanne says:

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