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The Occident and the Oriental (Match made in Heaven)


September 13, 2016 by deprogramthematrix

One great thing that the natural environment can teach one, is that it clearly shows that it never stops, like a river it is always moving and always flowing. The yin yang symbol, the doubt of DAO (“the way”), or the book of CHANGES, all spell out this ever-perpetual change, which is taken from nature and used as the guiding post to the spiritual life of humans. The change is all time-based, all based according to circular cycles embodied by planetary systems and galaxies all across the cosmos. Why is it that the way in which the matrix appears to the senses of the sentient being is scripted as the foundation in all of the orient? Why is it, that it also forms the foundation of the new age movement?

There seems to be two camps of people on battlefield earth, the oriental that focus on no interference, passivity, and exude a blatant acceptance of what the external reality looks like in present time.

Then you get the other camp, the side that has been exposed to an extreme masculine way (Western) of dealing with the reality, using active force and infiltration into the heart of the matrix, extorting that which they wish to materialize for themselves as a reward, attaining a status, creating a life (“American Dream”), this extreme is so incredibly dramatized that whole entire lives are sacrificed for a particular desired theme wished to be embodied.

There is a drive and a will behind such a force, as when focused into a tiny point of light by consistency and lengthy grit, can manifest anything desired within the digital holographic construct. This force obviously can be used for two different means, it can be used and it can also be abused. The ego is obviously something that is used to spark the desire and the force that attracts that which is focused upon. As the ego falls in the thinking category, the ego is the visualizator, as well as the persona/mask used to fulfill the materialization. What I would like to point out about the ego is that is cannot be called an ego when it is working in oneness with the soul/higher self. Then it is not an ego, it is just one soul. And when a being marries the once separate side-kick ego with the soul/higher self within, the union can broadcast the cosmos, as the foundation of the cosmos starts within you, right here, in the underworld. The ego is not a bad thing, it only seems so because that is the aspect of us that has been alienated from us covertly by the matrix-control system, as to create a destructive relationship to ourselves internally using the ego/digital self, this is how your avatar is body-snatched from you. This is where you lose you earth element in the underworld. I have mentioned before it is this tool used to box you into the matrix, as it is the main security guard that keeps you, I THE SOUL, in check. Instead of it working for you, it works for the creator of the matrix, the system is setup to set yourself up against yourself. Imagine for one moment if it were setup to align you with your higher self/higher vision, just imagine the potential.

Both these camps, two main sides of the world, are polarized internally and one side attacks earth covertly and the other polarized to the point of ignorance turns the cheek infinitely. It sounds like a win win situation of the creator of all these two main respective religions on planet earth, the one is programmed to divide and conquer and the other is programmed to accept the shit and accept that suffering is a natural part of life. Both end up waiting, either for god or for change, both end up lost in time, waiting in never-never land. The setup of these two polarities on planet earth was part of a masterplan to completely get away with the carnage all western based societies have produced across the planet with the OWO.


  1. Demitra M. N. says:

    I have been doing my best for a long time trying to articulate this very concept as succinctly as possibly but the best I had to offer was being the example of it for others to follow. But where you have distinguished one type of ego from the other you have done so without resorting to excessive verbiage, Well done! Still, I suspect that only those with ego’s working in tandem with higher self already will readily grasp the vital difference between the two conditions.

    Thank you, Arno, for sharing!

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