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Transcending Beyond The Game – Ownership (Part 2)


September 26, 2016 by deprogramthematrix

Ownership is a behaviour solely witnessed among the human-beings  on planet earth. It is one of the greatest matrix-based constructs, as it is the root of control, control of which all stems from the illusion of something within the hologram, belonging to the identification one has to a particular separate entity in all forms imaginable.

The Digital Projector

Forms have a relationship to the sensory receptors, as they can potentially entice the mind-centered consciousness, “to hand a vote”; create time by recording/thinking and projecting geometrical/symbolical/lexicological  digital worlds together with what you stand for and what you stand under of. Jointly together by two co-operators: a vibration under the speed of light, that is fashioned and mirrored by the limited finite light that was installed in the beginning. Two separate lights from two separate locations have to meet to create a hologram out of nothing.  The architect’s plan was to make his creation assume and follow pre-determined fiber optics within the blueprint of time-space,  and shape that into the fabric of what in known as time-space.

Time was created by altering the fabric of the entire universe in a microcosm, allowing an area of Artificially inserted generated space, to be occupied by all of creation as we human beings knows it thus far. Within this droplet, some aspects of soul has been converted to serve the enhancement of the duration of generated time within this cyberspace. From the very beginning, the one that injected his own consciousness into cyberspace, directed affairs with all that is as you know it. For the time-bound, it must be well known, that nothing is forever.

Worshiping Ownership

The delusion of ownership runs so deeply that we controversially assume that we own our very selves. When a soul attempts to love/own the divided aspect of self, the spirit is recognized as a one-off situation apart from all of existence and when this belief in disconnection from all that is, sets in, ownership/worship arises. Once ownership arises, so does the need to associate and identify “things” in the material world with the self that has been conned by the education system to open the gates to “programming mode”.

All these things “something is better than nothing” then assumes absolute power over the soul that “sells out” to materialism, and it is then that control becomes a major factor for the disconnected soul under the owning spell, under the influence of hypnotic attachments of spiritual souvenirs.

Destructive Relationships

Within relationships we see how the spell of ownership wreaking havoc, it evokes control issues causing duality by default, not just with the partner, but in the entire universe! Ownership and control is one and the same thing, if you want to remove control, you need to remove ownership, for as long as ownership exists in this dimension, control will exist as well. Ownership itself is the stronghold, the wall and the gate together with the champion knight empowered with control, that successfully guards the gate to eden, acting as if there is no armor that is impenetrable.

All of the world that are struggling right now do so because of the illusion that circumstance can continue to be controlled be employing ownership, the exact vice that created the extreme situation in the first place. Ownership is something that is grasped at when fear tends to have its way. Due to the fear regarding the construct of the future on the time-track, that does not exist anyhow anymore, humans employ ownership and all forms of control over their individual destinies.

Somehow we have been duped that we are all walking in a different one-way path, like runaway infinite meteors in heaven. By administering complete freewill in regards to our selected selfhood paths, we have indirectly created one mighty mess on planet earth as the selfhood path neglects the law of one and elects duality as the rule of thumb. This is obvious to see, as one can just look at the catastrophic ramification of the third world that is keeping the first world where it still currently attempts to shine brightly like a diamond.

Every single soul partaking together in any way in the construct of ownership and in the name of ownership whom is reaping the benefit of demesne, hiding and indulging as asylums in so called first world country, is responsible for the untold damages being committed. Whether you like it or not, you are breaking ether everyday as you continue choosing life, instead of love.


  1. David says:

    I totally relate with what you are describing Arno!

    Thanks, David.

  2. John Travo says:

    This post is Great one , I’ve bookmarked it to my browser.

  3. fredson says:

    Great post , Thanks for your effort ,,, I’m much thankful

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