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Banishing the Waiting Game


November 19, 2016 by deprogramthematrix

In the deception of religion millions have been lead astray in the past to embrace a waiting game. Not only religion, but also new age spirituality has caught the hopes of many souls unwilling to step up to the plate within the saga of battlefield earth. In Christianity the saviour Jesus is said to return one day in a future time which is what is known as the end days. The end days is said to be a time where havoc and chaos is unleashed on the inhabitants of planet earth, an armageddon if you may. This particular type of programming runs very deeply into the subconscious of many spirits. It runs so deeply that it revives itself in other disguised forms for even those that escape the clutches of the church.

These other forms I will now expose, for it is the number one cause of the program called the waiting game, which is a major cause for effectively keeping millions out of the now. Think about it, besides for an imaginary point (rapture) in time where reality is supposed change, what other concepted checkpoints (future-based) is keeping you out of the now? Alan Watts said: “You cannot seek NOW, because the moment you seek it you don’t know it. The moment you seek, you are not looking at the real now, you are looking at the now just ahead.” Are you maybe guilty of this?

Rapture Programs

When you are completely plugged into the primary hologram, you are relative to the affairs of the collective timetrack which is the story of the matrix which is trying to be controlled by the architect’s patrons. When your attention is successfully drawn in by such affairs, you are yet again in a waiting game dictated by other realities, to which you become subject to, and here it is where your own life and reality plays second best to stories that you probably only hear of on the media and the internet.

The planet Nibiru is just one mythology that has fooled many to again wait for something to come and change things on planet earth. All types of prophecies have the same desired effect. 2012 and the y2k bug prior to the year 2000 are two more well known examples. The return of the Annunaki is another re-engineered copy for those that have extinguished the saviour program in religion. Many new age websites are also now incessantly saying that a major frequency shift will magically shapeshift us into a different reality, which is known now to manifest from a zero point singularity which is a part of space through which we are starting to move for the first time ever according to our recorded knowledge of time. The ascension into the fifth dimension, or christ consciousness can also be seen as the same phenomena.

This spiritual transcendence may be a truth, but the fact of the matter is that you the individual will have to learn to take sovereign responsibility of your creative rites on Earth, no cosmic event will do this for you, you have to create the event in your own life, for you have the cosmos within you, and you have to realize the cosmos throughout you, by becoming actively influential in the NOW and shapeshifiting the reality yourself. You are not going anywhere, you are going to be here on earth for the rest of your life! No magical frequency will change things.

“You can be made a god but even after being made a god, you still have to learn to be a god, and  no one can teach you how, that is your own internal relationship with your inner-domain. Like a baby learning to walk for the first time, so will we have to learn to govern more power.”

What if i told you that christ consciousness is just the tip of the iceberg? What if i told you that we are actually only being born right now, and that we have been in incubation in the womb of earth for a very long time.

Prison planet and Armageddon

Many spirits on the planet have a hunger for collective sudden death and destruction, because of extreme unconscious suffering. Revelations in the bible also did play a part in this agreement. Suffering brings about the need for a suicidal end through the subconscious mind which is a coping mechanism arising from the primitive aspect of the brain seeking an end to pain. This can be seen by the overwhelming appeal humans have to films involving extreme scenes of death and destruction. In the entertainment industry, negativity sells and literally makes millions. Humans adore experiencing that which they essentially hold back and withhold from expressing, through screens, and you can be sure that this is also the reason why metal and rock music also sells well to angry people.

Many seek an end to the matrix experience, and some even label planet earth as a prison planet or junkyard planet, this is merely the result of extreme negativity that such concepts even exist. Even if it may be a proven truth according to ancient text, ask yourself, does it generate a low or high vibration to think of your home as a prison planet or stowaway home of the rejects?

New-agers simply want imaginary star families to come and save them because of negative thought forms that have possessed them, causing severe cases of victim-hood and abandonment. All is one, save yourself first completely before you can be saved by others. Saving yourself and being saved are one and the same thing. Nobody can save you if you do not save you. You are the only one. The saviour plot was created to make people wait, life after life, for a phantasm to save them…

Maybe you believe in the Kali Yuga and you are biting your time for the golden age. While you wait for time to pass by, time steals from you the chance to be great, the chance to be a little bit bigger than god!

The self deserted abandonment, the waiting game and the desire for an end to our current paradime is a subconscious program that has to be broken, for it is a major leak for the aims of negative energy fueling the very beings on the planet surviving from these leaks that many are guilty of trickling.

External false gods

The biggest pattern you need to see in all these constructs that leave us looking to a point outside of the now for change, or escape, is the fact that human beings are too fearful to govern themselves individually which is the main reason we have democratic systems and authoritarian hierarchies in place which we the people have elected on the pedestal in the past. These establishments have abused their own positions of power simply because they can, via the power of a pact tied together with the incorporated named entity that has signed rites to be ruled over via commodity, to put it more simply, you cross yourself out for four years when you go and vote!

Why are humans too afraid to step up and take care of themselves sovereignly? The simple answer is number 1: fear, and number 2, the spiritual black hole lacking a leader within, you your own saviour. If something else occupies your center you are not in the now. You are playing a waiting game where other malevolent forces need you to have a ball in their hands! For most, leaders are those in political and monarchical positions in society.

Waiting game (109/10) is a 10 in numerology, and houses other words in its seed cluster such as:

109/10 – dystopia (“imaginary place where people are treated unfairly”)

And this is the…

109/10 – real world

And that is why you are:

 109/10 – ostracise (not included)

Also now…

109/10 – furious

This is your…

 109/10 – control”

What is stopping you from becoming the ultimate example of what you want to see on Earth? Why don’t you just act like the president in your own community in your own world?

The more of us can manifest events of divine intervention, the faster paradise can manifest on earth. What I do know is that the full potential of our spiritual capacity will not be made available unless we are ready for it, and it is obvious by now that our full potential arises from being conscious in the now and trusting in our own source of five elements, which is basically the knowing beyond doubt. Retract your consciousness from the broad scope of reality and inject it through the scopes of your own two eyes and stay there and there only. The longer one can remain in this centered untouched state, here and now, the more energy is built up for higher experiences benefiting the whole universe.

Image Source: Valentina Kallias


  1. Great Stuff!

    I just discovered your website yesterday and I’m really enjoying your articles/writing. You have a fan here.

    I agree with your take on religions and how they reinforce the idea of some kind of future savior event, whether it be a messiah or some kind of alien race. These ideas shift our focus out of the present moment.

    The only exception I can think of really, is Buddhism. Do you think Buddhism is a religion which is meant to “deprogram us from the matrix”?

    Also, I know you mentioned angry music in this article, I’m just curious what your opinions are on music. What kind of genres do you like?

  2. Peter says:

    Wow, i love it what a liberation! Great insight.

  3. Lissa says:

    Akira 0  0ich denke, das würde auch in deutschland funriionteken, da sich eh leute nur trauen würden die das können oder eine wette verloren haben.für die aktion … ancing: unk: ancing:

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