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The Decentralization of I The Soul (Part 1)


November 28, 2016 by deprogramthematrix

The knowledge you have concerning a whole world or planet with a limited globular surrounding is incorrect. Such conviction arises merely as a belief in that which was told to you as a child growing up. The belief that the world is round and about, counts just as equal as the belief that you are a genetic entity, limited and bound by the data encoded within holographic DNA.

The Knowing

Everything is a KNOWING, including that which is believed; that which is believed, is the REALITY in the NOW (K-NOW). Everyone has a KNOWING, whether it be a true or false KNOWING or an absolutely embodied KNOWING of the nature of all things of which is essentially formlessness formed to lesser and greater degrees of substantiation. When the substance KNOWS, substance being for example: “Joshua will save me one day from the big bad world”, then the construct Joshua is in the NOW with all the power, the saviour and the messiah within one of the biggest religions on earth is brought to life by simple magic, into a type of morphogenetic field that affects the fiber optic potential in the biological entity that has knowingly or unknowingly set up a cause and effect in the underworld by the use of the fornix, the picture-generator within the brain.

The magically created screenplay that forms part of a magical creation in the astral plane which is connected to emotional charged images, is actually a tool used to tesseract (turn inside out) people in the material world, as it changes the blueprint of the holographic projection via the manipulation of thought and light in the astral/which causes you to see a focused idea or image in reverse or opposite which than appears as observed reality. The most negative people are simply the ones that have elected the most things outside themselves as the answer. It leaves you human-being the opposite of that which you cherish and envelope externally, becoming then the victim and the peasant.


Cause and effect, negative and positive only works through the metaphysical world, that is where matrix-based constructs are all housed, data in the mind-machine. A knowing is far above a believing, as mentioned in a previous article. A knowing does not involve any type of logical assumption of anything in particular, it is just a fully embodied presence of pure potentiality, an energy that is contained by any AVATAR in THE KNOW.

When the global earth KNOWS and you do not, then you are subject to any conjured predicament that comes together with an enclosed and shared global earth which is all fabrication by outdated education curriculum’s further emphasized by the focus on a focal point called “world news”, used to envelope the global earth agenda over consciousness.

The things that you think you know is the prison for your mind!

Even if FLAT EARTH KNOWS, you are subject to that too then, a limited plane with an edge. Why do we have such flamboyant ideas over our external outer limit existence anyway, I will tell you: because ideas as such are implanted into thousands of minds via the power of the internet! The point that i wish to make is that: Whatever KNOWS is IN THE NOW, and anything under the sun can KNOW!

“Whether it is beneficial to know a flat earth or a globe earth is up to the individual, for me it is of no relevance what i believe it is, what is of only relevance is what i know of myself in relation to my existential first-hand experience with myself and others so far here on earth. As far as i can tell from my own scope of view of my very own two eyes, there is no space, no grand universe, no planets, no America, No Europe, No China, No Africa , Russia, and especially, no borders.. As far as i can tell, i have no president, no leader and no restrictions or limits, all limits and restrictions are sourced in the mind, i dont care what you tell me of the new world order or the illuminati bull worshipers: they are also, all in your mind!

All these things are just constructs which the masses are reminded of regularly and continuously, especially those that dwell in cities. It is easily achieved via tech through information distributing outlets and have their substance in the form of information, yet it is of no valid substance in terms of what you are here on earth for. Yes we are collectively in this globe, but this is an irrelative collective delusion which is especially being kept alive through the efforts of those envisioning a one world order for us to be housed in surveillanced quarantine. Technology has made it possible to affect almost the entire human population with new programs that are aimed at creating the new-age robot: (a person that is run by a particular frame-set of thoughts implanted via various forms of technological induced programming, which is the co-generating force of digital worlds.)

KNOW and AVATAR are also connected, both are (63/9) in numerology. When you lose your KNOW then you also lose your AVATAR!  – Deprogram The Matrix

When you are not in the KNOW, but a belief in anything subconsciously, then I THE SOUL is not in the NOW firstly, and secondly, you submit the NOW to computational resources, giving the machine world access to the NOW which is based on a contained measurement. Take also into account that all words are in the category of fear, due to the inherent energy that is evoked by them, potentially shaping neurological pathways in the brain, which is said to give rise to our potential or downfall in the material realm, and especially the reality which we experience!

Too much programming equals too many pathways and this equals an unnatural demand of oxygen in the brain which can act as a parasite of oxygen/energy when it is granted complete power to take over all of the helms. When mind overwrites heart, your own ball cannot be expanded, your own field of pure potential is created by the heart, and is accelerated with the increase of oxygen throughout the entire system.

When you are fully conscious, you can turn the earth into a banana! – Diclem, Metaphysical Alchemist

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  2. You say that “all words are in the category of fear.”

    What do you mean by this?

  3. Jeff Abney says:

    Good read

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    A solid effort grappling with some tough concepts, but resonates with me
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