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The Decentralization of I The Soul (Part-2)


December 19, 2016 by deprogramthematrix

For the Conscious reality in which we are shifting, there is no need to be concerned about the ancestral line to which you belong. This concern that many pay much attention to, regarding their ultimate potential, is a massive con and the source of the energy of the family which is energized as part of the  limited identity construct.

The DNA Agenda

Genetic acceptance due to DNA relevance, is just another belief just like the one I have mentioned of in (part1) regarding that the earth is a globe. If you accepted such reality as absolute once upon a time, it sits there in the unconscious, until you  revisit the agreement and deprogram the thought-form of DNA itself back to zero.

The DNA is said to actually hold the microcosmic blueprint of the digital holographic reality within. DNA and RNA communication was the targeted mechanism by the use of modified foods, and the reading of light code by RNA was the only function of DNA that could be manipulated to a degree. (Only reading pre-set strings and information, reading only what it can see/not the whole sum of strings), due to receiving distorted light-information from food with distorted light-information, causing a distorted message between earth and human.Domino effect.

Once we have come up with the science of DNA, embraced knowledge regarding it, it then became possible to use that knowledge against the human-body by invaders. Light code itself though cannot be changed, as it is the foundation of holographic existence, but the processing of it can be changed, the process of receiving it can be altered as to receive a “broken telephone” message that is not complete. Within holographic existence, lightcode is the intelligence occupied in all living intelligence and it all radiates out of biological DNA.

“Whoever said that there is no possible key and access to the motherboard  and blueprint of your own avatar, as well as:  to the unconscious determiner of holographic pathways and connections of any pre-programmed realities?”

Adolf Hitler: “When you repeat a lie often enough as a truth, it later becomes a truth.”

The DNA was part of the old reality, part of an old programmed reality, created to allow time-based organisms to evolve themselves via light/knowledge/data into higher forms within a time-scape.

Centralizing I THE SOUL

Animal species that live on the earth are not at all concerned regarding the shape of the landmass on which they live. It is blantantly easily noticeable in the behaviour of the animal that sensory awareness regarding the immediate earthly environment is grounded very much in the relationship they share with the only thing they need, the co-operation of earth providing them with all that they need in the form of energy. It is by far the most stable and sustainable relationship that is shown to us by nature co-existing with us on the plane.

When the prime focal point of consciounsess acknowledges via knowledge and data that it (THE CONSCIOUSNESS) is not in the center of everything in existence, a focal point of consciounness becomes a lord of a ring, a vessel for just another greater ideal, a holder of an outer veil, a planetary orbiter of a sungod(light/thought), or more precisely, a follower, a nothing, a lesser, a small grain of sand among billions in the middle of nowhere.

And on top of that, they say that we are part of an apparent infinite universe! This makes you second best and infinity best, as infinity has all the power when it is founded from the external plane, this type of infinity is not your own infinity, it is a conceptual infinity that denies your very own infinity within!

How can something expand forever when time itself is a mere measure of matter and space that is founded on light?

Program Name: Centrifugal – “moving away from a center” (116)

The program is kept alive by embracing your: Track Record (116).

Track also corresponds to location! As in being tracked! Location relates to the illusory point in a time-track, as well as the belief one has about the physical location one is in(and whatever that amounts to), locally, as well as cosmically within a universe in which you have no first hand experience in.

This belief in a mirage of concepted relativities is the tonnes of unconscious beliefs that are being projected by the collective unconscious via Personal Computers worldwide. This is the source of the hologram we sit in. The globe which has become the forefront of our greater ideals, has been inserted as a guiding mechanism for consciousness by media and internet! We are all together in a perceived limited enclosure which has been made second nature by what we see and follow educationally and generally!

There is no collective without a unity.

Your idea in a greater collective to “help or wait for” is complete dung nonsense.

We sit in a divided and conquered disorganized chaotic dystopia.

Collective and unity does not exist here.

Now you know why you are here!

You are here to bring it inside throughout yourself.

If you wait for it to happen to everyone, you will probably wait to the deathbed.

On Earth there is no massive unity, as there is no massive leader on the planet. We only have piece, as in : “your piece , my piece, his piece, her piece…” and this equals division which is a self-sustaining conformity for each holder of commodity.

We here are the prime evolutionary custodians on the plane, as far as the eyes can see. It is humorous that we call gorillas prime apes, yet our behavior on old “planet earth” perfectly lives up to the “prime ape” name we give to a creature that can arguably maintain a much more peaceful social structure than what we observe among the “prime human-beings”.

Everywhere, everyone is awakening to the birth of a new energetic era on planet earth, where we see a type of mutual understanding arise between all beings, as if one personality that is rooted in acceptance is arising and prevailing throughout all, the embodiment of an ever present, passive , nurturing and compassionate embrace is starting to manifest between all the beings on the plane. This is the work of the new DNA transformation which is taking place, in order for our specie to evolve into a higher consciousness.





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