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Deprogramming Manifestation Fuzzy Logics (Part 1)


January 12, 2017 by deprogramthematrix

Manifestation is one of the biggest attractions in the spiritual community and gathers by far the most attention. The reason it is the most popular subject is because of the mighty hunger ignorant humans have to be gods, to finally consciously, responsibly, take self-accountability for the soul-center that is filtering out to all grander collectivity.

It is the attitude and the primary consciousness within this plane that is painting the canvas on earth, as of 2017, no external force is to blame anymore for the state of planet earth, for we have reached a point where consciousness is finally starting to acknowledge its universal role here, its fore-standing connectivity to all that is, instead of its disconnection and powerless victimhood to any takers running the “tried & tested” program of the architect.

Anyone in doubt about how manifestation works simply has to realize that you have only ever eternally been the original focal point of all that is, you have just not been fully aware of your ultimate divine potentiality in the unconscious externalized phase.

The manifesting bandwagon

Every second humdinger in the spiritual community is dealing out new age methods that are all for the most part the same old balderdash in a different disguise and repetitive bogus leading to further confusion as to what manifestation actually is.

Manifestation is not a subject that can be learned from anybody else in the external plane, as it is very much a personal inner dimension you have with your very own uniqueness within, that which you are endowed with to bring and paste onto all that is within this plane, your essene energy that is of source; you very own oneness with yourself and the oneness you know you emit to others, bringing the universal one more at one with itself!

The era of the machine world is collapsing from under our feet.

We all touch each-others souls every single day, especially when we go out and meet new souls within the world, you become touched by others embodiment and due to the law of ether (oneness) there is an imprinting that takes place between your soul and all other souls you come into contact with. You make the circle bigger, every time of a meeting! The bigger your circle, the bigger your manifestation!

This is the only way in which the ether actually comes into contact with itself, this is the only way in which consciousness expands.

One must not try see the results of manifestation within time because as soon as you try to seek it in the material world subject to cause and effect, within the matrix, you lose your center and yourself once again to the past, going two steps back and one step forward. In other words you lose track of your inner world that has actually nothing to do with the macrocosm that will start to dematerialize starting this year! The only way the microcosm can eventually overwrite the macrocosm is by consciousness remaining there fully all the time! Not scattered and fragmented between the two worlds! There is nothing in the illusion of the matrix to find or get! This may be hard at first, but the reminder is there for you to keep your focus where absolution is actually concerned.

One and Only

There is only a one and only true essence you were born with, untouched by any distorting influence projected from within the matrix, this would be “I” undistorted by any other AI, this is the inception point from where manifestation of your own reality spirals out. This is the knowing, knowing itself is (manifestation), instead of a thinking boxing itself (materialization).

It is not of a copy, it is pure “indescribable” originality which naturally flows throughout your soul unhindered unto all that is touched by you. Only you can know whether you are tapping into your originality or whether you are still upholding any programming from past conditioning via agents and of course, don’t forget the biggest agent, you yourself! These days we are our own biggest enemies, especially when we surf the web during epidemic states of negativity, successfully administered by the sub-matrix of facebook!

The Year of the Pheonix

This is not a forced oneness! If you are using a force, may the “force be with you”, a mind that forces, then you are being played by the architect, the control freak.

The soul naturally brings cosmic law and order into all that is, which will start occurring this year, which is a ten in numerology! 10 is the closed circle, which spells out that everything will start going back to one and zero! One Soul-center! A rebirth and a new beginning will manifest, starting this year. On top of that, it is the year of the rooster is Chinese astrology, the fiery phoenix, this spells out that everything destroying universal ether will go up in flames! We are living now in the end times of an entire era, hold onto your seatbelts!

What most manifestation gurus are selling in actuality is just another form of materialization which is a mind-based condition. Methods involving visualizations, affirmations, forcing lengthy spells of emotional highs, and attempting to force a pre-conceived parallel reality into your current reality is by far the most useless endeavor one can participate in. It is all branches of the Luciferian mind-set and it does not only exist within secret societies attempting to bend light to their own agendas, it exists absolutely everywhere and it is corrupting many souls absolutely.

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