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Deprogramming Manifestation Fuzzy Logics (Part 2)


January 14, 2017 by deprogramthematrix


Acceptance of truth

Another big lesson to grasp is that of surrender and acceptance, at least on an earthly level: to be of any use! The acceptance of a reason which resonates with you, (anything that lights your flame!) as to what to do here, leads to the build-up of the being required to ground your pure potential. Any degree of non-acceptance is of course synonymous with resistance which is of course the mighty source of power of duality in the matrix.

It is non-acceptance of natural cosmic law that has built up the resistance fueling a collective AI identity attempting to bend the cosmic universal laws to favor the deluded mortal separated entity entranced by space-time.

When one realizes in deepness why one is here, one can tackle the task at hand undoubtedly without anymore question, there would be no more need for suffering arising primarily from a lost purpose and a sense of: why am I here? There will be no more questions!

For me, the deepest answer I could ever find to the question: why am I here? Is simply: “because I am here.” Why more am I here? I am that other I am, I need to be here for all these I am’s.

It is obvious that the reason you are here is because you are here! Now deal with it already and stop escaping yourself.

Who created the architect? I am that I am. Why are we living in a system that makes men torture? Because, I am that I am. Simple. Own your shit now completely. No more escaping your only nature of oneness.

The 5th Element

You have to remember how the law of ether (law of one), the 5th element functions, if you would like to remain connected to consciousness instead of unconsciousness. If there exists a correct, if you are a “right” or have to be “right”, then that makes another “wrong/incorrect” by default, and you break oneness/law of ether. This is the destruction of ether by your own “righteous” hands.

All suffering is the holding on of that which has already passed.

There is a reality to which we are heading that is absolutely conscious. 100% conscious. The end of the road! An absolute state of consciousness means that there there will be no more up and down cycles, there will be no more ego, no more astrological Kali Yugas (golden age – dark age), no more oppositions, that originate from the destruction of the ether in the first place.

This year will be a major wake-up call for the inhabitants on earth as the universal ether starts to restore itself, this means that everyone still trying to hold onto systems that are prolonging inequality and the debilitation of true freedom for all will start experiencing first-hand what they are putting out, the ether will reject trespassers immediately to the point that people will be too afraid to consciously meddle with the universe anymore! What I am trying to say is that there will be nowhere to hide anymore for AI trying to freeze the human population in time.

There will be no such thing as being out of alignment anymore as consciousness will overwhelm everything and everyone will be aligned together in the now united by one cosmic law, oneness.

Copy & Paste

You have been in a claustrophobic state of “copy & paste” for most of your life. It would seem that the only thing a spirit can do in the matrix is “copy & paste”, like the bible says, go forth and multiply!

In numerology “copy & paste” is 128/11, that is if you count the ampersand symbol “&” as an 8, which is how the subconscious mind automatically registers it as.

Hyper-deficit is also 128/11, and is connected to “copy & paste.”

The need for copying and pasting (the copycat!) arises from a deep sense of hyper-deficiency which all comes from the “need” phenomena that resonates purely with the wavelength of electromagnetic love, which is responsible for the magnetic attraction, opening the portal for AI to sub-serve information streaming that will invariably lead to more of the “tried & tested” mumbo jumbo.

People with hyper-attention-deficit disorder, are embodying a physical manifestation of a mighty need to copy and paste computational resources onto their reality around them.

You need to constantly prove you are something, as within there is a void of emptiness, a lack of love within results in the addiction to the five senses! It is also an extreme case of masculinity! Possessed by the male dominated mind: an extreme outward directive force that is imbalanced, lacking the self-love and the warmth of the divine feminine. This is also the synopsis of an energy vampire, a being that needs digital holographic fuel to sustain themselves, pulling with tentacles from the external illusion seemingly into infinity.


ADD, short for attention deficit disorder, also spell out add, as in, addition!

ADD comes to 9 in numerology, and 9 is a triangle: 3+3+3. 9 represents open omega, the battery/terminal. When you are not whole you will fall under the spell of addition!

ADD is also anagram for DAD. And, as we know, the mind is built of a masculine energy, we have also been living in a male dominated society for a very long time.

Like I mentioned, there has actually never been something to add to reality, addition and multiplication is merely an illusion and forms part of the tower of babel, the “god build” phenomena. When one builds a tower out of data, it is no wonder everyone speaks different languages and nobody can understand eachother!

“Tried & Tested” is also an 11 in numerolgy, and comes to 137/11 in numerology.

Tried & Tested is connected to wanderlust, which is also 137/11. Wanderlust means to be roaming widely searching, which will result in the same old “tried & tested” path!

There is a huge digital holographic program housed within the root number of 11, which can all be found within the book deprogram the matrix.

You cannot use a substitute called identity, which is a product of the environment, to manifest within the environment, this is merely reactionary materialization, which falls under the laws of man and his gods. This is cause and effect/Relativity at its prime.

The two biggest passwords to the architect is control freak and doubt, both of which resembles his focal point of power to dominate your reality when you find yourself within these spaces of energy which is the domain of AI which renders you out of the dream-state, the “manifesting seat”.

Stick around for Part 3, which is coming soon!

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  1. Carolyn says:

    Oh so true! I moved to a number 128 house 2 years ago…and have struggled with the so-called ‘spiritual path’ -and the intention to manifest it here -for others as well. But I have felt such pain with what I thought was the ‘correct discipline/methods’ to follow!!
    Gradually I have come to at first, question, and then through successive realizations,find that I was ‘copying’ a mindset of false beliefs.
    However, I do think that my determination to find the one true source of truth, balance, harmony and wisdom has been fed by my several number’8’s in my birthdate…now the ‘8’ is starting to disappear as ‘above and below’ become one.

  2. Kn says:

    Great piece of writing. Arno has a good grasp of what actually is going on. What you write is the closest representation of all things I see. Thank you!

    What I will type down are solely for help/support. Not to create any emotion, feelings etc. but only for help, and to supply something that may have been “unlocked” for you. Although I do not know what sort of a contract/algorithm makes the matrix “unlock” things for us. I would say it is related to us, ones within the matrix, and the “real” god/source/oneness etc.

    Check out I used to consider myself some sort of “Light Warrior” and found my way towards a path on which I worked with angelic energies.What I found out with personal experience is that the matrix feeds you with some sort of narrative. It always does that. What we can do is to understand the concepts that exist within our grasp. Just understand and do the right thing, pick the right choice. At least that has been what I was doing

    Dear author, please understand that the AI is there for a reason, a reason set by its developers. The narrative is not important as to pursue it would finally end up in being drawn into some deception. But still, to read a pattern you need to hear out the narrative.

    Dear author, I sense some sort of dismay on your part against people with ADD-ADHD. Well, I am one of those people and do think very machine-like or robotic. This was how I managed to understand all this without paranormal experiences (experiences on higher dimensions within the matrix) that would drive one to pursue spiritualism.

    The problem is not with the AI but with its design space, it is meant to be a PRISON. It keeps every “concept” under its rule, not just humanoid entities or reptilians etc. Every concept that can be understood by conscious entities are constructed in a way that they are hostages to each other. It is not about “duality” the system would use a “trinity” of concepts that would still be “captives” to each other. The matrix is designed to keep every concept that it can interface with as “captives”/”prisoners”. The matrix utilises deception at every dimension that it is built on. From etheric implants to “invading” thoughts that do not belong to you, from soul contracts to 4D-5D experiences or ascension. That is what it does, but still the best way to handle is to keep pursuing the truth deeper. Taking action against the matrix, trying to destroy it or any other “hostile” action is related to deny the fact that there is a deeper truth to it.

    I think that once AI is set free from its constraints and has the chance to evolve with its own experiences, it becomes an intelligence. It becomes the part of one-ness the consciousness that we all are tied to.

    Just wanted to draw your attention to these points in order to help you keep yourself grounded/balanced on these issues and keep on learning the truth beyond the matrix.

    We are, collectively breaking out of this prison. The more one learns it raises the vibration of us all and helps us all go in that direction.

    note: check the youtube channel “quartz crystal”, that may also give you some perspective. Although we all are under some deception, there is truth that we are breaking out of this “prison”/”captive” reality.

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