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Deprogramming the Ascension Complex – (Part 1)


August 8, 2017 by deprogramthematrix

The Spiritual Ascension Program sourced all the way back in Ancient Civiliization, which is still continuing to this very day, is still running rampant on the planet.

Its called the quest to immortality, a quest to exit the wheel of rebirth known as the double-knot of infinity.

One is misled to enter a rabbithole / Black hole / Black Star or wormhole where one tumbles into nothingsness eternally, into illusions within illusions.

The quest leads into the many rabbitholes of occultism, esoterism, metaphysics, quantum physics, shamanism, reiki, yoga, biology, bio-chemistry, qigong, acupuncture, holistic health, etc, etc. It is the need for the “control freak” to abide to knowledge for an advantage.

Its all the divisions of the “ultimate external perfection”, and the only way to attain this mirror-perfection, is to meet up to the pre-requisites pre-trained and pertained in cyberspace.

Mirror Mirror on The Wall

Life is not about the mirror perfection, it is not at all what the mirror is reflecting to you, it is about your conviction to actually break the mirror’s reflection so that any reflection in the material world is unable to extinguish your light such as the “moth to the fire” effect.

Your consciousness must reverberate through others, like a hammer to a gong.

No reflection should be able to deflect you off your path to sovereignty.

When the mirror image/mental image is your sense of self, then by default that sense of self is subjected to other senses of selves. This game of headshots creates the “days of our lives.” And guess what, just for interest sake, in numerology:

Days of our lives, is: 191
Safety in numbers, also: 191

These two synchronicities in numbers tell a valuable lesson to us all.

When one, like any herd animal or prey-species, seeks safety in numbers due to a threat of fear, the Days of our lives play out, the matrix!

These two findings I have made is not even in the book, I am sharing it with you first hand.

In the ancient mexicas, toltecs actually used masks to dissociate their faces from the story of their lives by using a mask and a mirror. The aspirant will speak to a normal mirror and tell the mirror about themselves and their lifestory so far, until the point that the figure of the mask starts taking ownership of the “baggage”, leaving the individual feeling that the story does not belong to themselves, but rather, the alter-ego in the form of the mask. How effective it is, is debatable, as we have learned, the earth element is needed to actually alchemize any energy properly, which is the complete neutral state, no negative and positive polarity. That is what is known as faith in the 5 elements.

One will burn out very quickly when one goes about life asking mirrors who the fairest of them all is? The ideas of physical objects, the relevance of other people, all count as they are also reflections born from mirror reflections created by the physical eyes, and once forms are worshipped, the MAGNETIC MIRROR is excited in the brain, repeating and replaying memory as long as magnetic attractions are able to revive themselves in the BASAL GANGLIA/Reptilian complex a.k.a. the rewinding mechanism in the brain that remains active when one has not learned to function through higher evolved parts of the brain.

Most of the power of these health-body-consciousness programs lie within the realm of science and edutainment.

126/9 – edutainment (entertainment, in the forms of games, films or shows, that is designed to teach something)

126/9 – splitting

In psychological terms, splitting is a phenomenon where a person unconsciously (in an attempt to avoid pain and hurt) only validates positive characteristics in the people they love, and goes one step further by actually idealizing the person they love in their mind, creating an artificial construct of the person they fancy within their own preferred image, this is the highest degree of projection.

Once reality does not meet up to such fantasies one can be sure that this leads to even further complications as we see in all the malfunction partners experience, it is indeed very rare for two souls to meet without borders.

This form of mental disease is laughably highly prevalent in the slave race of the matrix, wherein which partnerships are very much based on the presentations of idealized mental projections which many are racing to fulfill in the race towards being successful in the matrix! Everyone is a product of an image of some god, when on a collision course of deflection due to refracting reflections sourced from the 7 worlds known as the chakras, which will be covered in later segments this month.

On a broader scale, what we call ignorance of the masses, is a globlal form of splitting enjoyed by the blissed out ignorant.

Edutainment also causes a form of splitting in consciousness, and this will now become apparent as I expound. When an individual is running through the program called “waking up” or “enlightenment” via the “tree of knowledge”, everything taken on by the individual and nominated as “AS IS”, causes a split from the one original beholder of all, wherein the knowledge and the object of the split/ THE AI, is anointed as the one original focal point! Furthermore, when one is attempting to construct a castle of knowledge, one usually does so in a cognitive dissonant state, unconsciously loading beliefs that are thought to be beneficial and negating that which is not equaling up to the intention of the learner. This is just another case of loving blindness, only seeing what one wants to see!

Are you possibly guilty of this, are you downloading only that which fits your theme?

Lets use the example of the bodybuilder with body dismorphic disorder. This is a disorder wherein the perceiving consciousness projects “the perfect body” onto itself and then this thought-form/egregore clashes with the existence of the real body, creating an internal conflict within the psyche. By taking this example, one can further postulate what other mental creations do we use that clash with our natural inherent mode of conduct? These sources of malfunction we need to make conscious and then we need to finally put an end to them all to actually start functioning in the now instead of working for the mind-machine!!!

The victim becomes dictated by AI necessities that are set up from the external world, sources of hate/love attractions resulting in the setup of fear-based bandwidths where cyber-forms (downloaded by the senses) can dominate the receiving consciousness to the point that the consciousness can only be formed and fashioned by prescribed knowledge.

It is almost the same as the imposter higher self, which is Artificial Intelligence attempting to box you into a linear reality governed by rules and data by the use of abstract constructions that have no real substance in the realm of the absolute.

Part 2 Coming Soon!


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