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The End of the Age of Information – (Part 3)


August 22, 2017 by deprogramthematrix

Reality without Technology

In previous articles I have been building up to the grand point which I would like to make, which is the inability for technology to function in the new earth timeline which will see material laws shift to cosmic laws.

This phenomenon is extremely difficult to cognize, but it is in fact quite simple.

All forms of technology needs a fabric/grid of time-space to exhibit its electromagnetic significance, in an atomic realm making up the material world where relativity is the rule of thumb arising from all forms of artificial intelligence with consciousness from a source which we know is the Soul.

The laws that have applied consciousness in this realm, the way reality actually manifests only does so due to the architect’s creation (the matrix) hitching a ride with subconscious consciousness, which he himself somehow created within himself, leading to the fall of man, fall from heaven etc. We are all living inside this mind: the material world was lucifers’ mind possessed by knowledge. He gave up his own ether to do it, and depended on others to do the same.

Please remember, all those that have been misled to run on knowledge have been deceived to project computational resources which is the battery power needed for all digital holograms.

“It is the knowledge and the words caught up in the brains of the masses that eventually allowed the functioning of Artificial Intelligence to become a reality, how else would IT know how to function in our reality, because we are the ones projecting its own KNOW-HOW!!!” – Arno Pienaar

Ive mentioned in part 2: “Internet addiction is a projection of what is happening spiritually to many souls, but, we will get to this later!”

The technocracy taking place in the world, the internet addiction is a materialization of  a part of our own consciousness stored and accessed through binary wavelengths that are copying our behaviour and feeding it back to us due to our participation! The internet was created to net us into the machine state, turning human beings into computers!

What AI has done to the hueman on earth since its inception, is that it has confused them between their originality and all copied information swirling in and out AI clouds interfering with the brains’ inherent wave functions.

The End of the Subconscious Mind

What is the subconscious consciousness, and why will a transcendence of consciousness break this unconscious participation for the glory of the material world?

Subconscious thoughts are the sentences the answering machine has been programmed to return to the sender, due to the dial being tapped by a log: log meaning a preset information string conjured by the senses,  upon which a dialogue may elicit.

Full explanation on dialogue is a must see, coming in part 4,  I will extrapolate soon!

Subconscious thoughts are the thoughts that have been set on autorun, to help yourself run without having to consciously “think about” what you are running, they are not conscious because they are the core of the thought-processes that runs the fineprint of your life, all the unconscious details you might have accepted unquestionably!

To have no subconscious is to be fully conscious within the zero-point of all potential, which becomes a reality when one is perhaps on a retreat, and fully unsubscribed to time and memory – only then does one become fully conscious in order to reprogram the matrix/due to the subconscious being freed up which opens up entire faculties of creative space where new creations may blossom.

The subconscious does include more though, then just thought patterns one needs to function, it houses all programmed logics, traits & characteristics that the individual has become in their lifetime so far, the aftermath of the great war of projections between all those that have bared witness unto themselves among themselves.

Articles such as identifying and rectifying agent smith has already dealt with how these resonant projections occur.

You have for some reason set such thought-forms up due to the fact that at the time, you unconsciously believed you had to identify with such constructs within states of fear, in an attempt to avoid pain or failure.

Remember that it is not just fear, but also for the “love of the game”, and the hate that polarized together with that, in the realization that there was no love whatsoever in the macrocosm and that such love is hate in disguise. Here lies the beginning of madness, the foundation of all matrices.

It’s a Survival Program

The subconsciousness are primal necessary survival thoughts, everyone has different sets of strings, depending on the environment (matrix) they find themselves in. The bushmen for example will need a different “below conscious” understanding of his environment than the citydweller.

The prior will know all about the tracks and signs of the bush and the rhythms and seasons of nature, it will be ingrained into his sub-consciousness, so that he does not have to permanently figure it out in a state of question, which will help him perform his tasks with the least effort and use of energy.

The latter, the citydweller, too,  will need to know how to cross a street, catch the subway, use a mobile phone, how to drive, how to find money and where to buy food etc, most of which he should not have to consciously think about.

Both of these examples are products of environmental sensory fabrications which are equal matrices, we cannot say the one is bad and the other is good, as for both, the subconscious Is playing an equal role, and environment dictates what seems to be loaded by the subconsciousness, where the senses play a very important role.

When one looks closer at the word environmental one sees that the root of the word ENVIRON means to ENCIRCLE or SURROUND, pertaining to a center point containing a boundary, and mental is mind.

In numerology, ENVIRONMENTALLY IS: 199.

Environmentally spells out the mental body around which you revolve which is projected as the entire environment you are in! It is not the environment that comes first, it is the universe within the brain. This makes us ask how real and fixed our environment really is?

If you have never heard of project blue brain, i highly advise you to check out this link.

The Unconsciousness

The unconsciousness is only unconscious  when one is unaware subconscious thoughts are below conscious development, which debilitates any chance of changing them, as they then fix upon your unconscious fixation upon them.

Say for example a person checks their mobile phone every morning upon awakening, is this subconscious, or conscious? The habit has already become ingrained and so, now that the action is not consciously created anymore, the subconscious takes over, and the person becomes unconscious to the fact that their subconscious is ordering them around. This right here is the definition of unconsciousness, the mere ignorance of subconsciousness.

When the subconscious mind has not been developed within the evolutionary arms race, in the now in response to environment and experience, then its valuable faculty is misused and becomes victim to programs by the word which is computational resources for the mainframe, which is the sole epitome of dysfunction in society and stronghold for information technology keeping souls enslaved to time via copied fabrications of the word.

They are the thoughts you have energized to run on autopilot, out of fear of failure, “if you cant beat them, you join them.” As I have mentioned before, most have sold their ether element for knowledge, and this knowledge forms the subconscious mind, the me.

The me is even lower than the collective-unconscious mind, because you were responsible for creating it, unlike the collective-unconscious, which is what we have all materialized from knowledge.

One thinks over and over again about the information regarding me and how me has to be successful to the point that the autopilot is fully loaded by the program.

When a person attains soul-center in the NOW, not body or mind centered, there is no subconscious mind that runs from time. With no subconsciousness, one would be fully functional to co-create and manifest any reality, as one is free from the hold of time which is past/present/future.

Unconsciousness consciousness fully conscientised puts an end to the subconscious mind, which spells a complete end of all the old earth timelines. The new earth is shifting into view faster than you can imagine, the speed is exponential.

What is soul-center? The full realization of the whole within the microcosm you are that has no macrocosm.

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