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The End of the Age of Information – (Part 4)


August 24, 2017 by deprogramthematrix

Emotional Manipulation

The subconscious is highly receptive to what I call emotional dialogue, as we know, when thoughts are combined with e-lectrical motions, their power is multiplied by the force of energy, coming from the power of the heart hijacked by the mind / which then inverts the inherent love in the heart to its opposite force – hate.

Whenever emotions are attached to information, holographic matching resonates within the brain that already contains snippets of cymatic memory maps able to trigger the body with the corresponding E-motions that were set up by the senses in the first place.

We can use the example of a song from the time-track, and how it makes you feel a particular emotion upon listening. This emotion is only possible due to the “sound of music” matching to a pre-existent neuronal pathways that were set up by pre-sensory experience.

It re-ignites your own memory regarding your own life and triggers them to surface and be felt. “I like the way that song makes me feel…”

This is only possible due to the artist that has successfully captured the emotion within information.  Most artists make use of words to bring across the emotions they wish to portray, but the best capture the feelings in mere sounds, such as Beethoven classics.

Words are mainly used though, and especially words that target audiences can identify with, which further identifies with their own internal emotions(bodily cellular memory) about how they predominantly feel about the world.

This is emotional manipulation at its best, and its not just artists that do it, but anybody seeking to attain power and favor from others, such as politicians who do it full steam ahead. It is mind-control at its best, because you are using minds to react against themselves in order to get the reaction you wish.

The better magician you are with words, the more power you have to invoke any emotion you desire in a target audience, which is what neurolinguistic programmers know very well.

Later on in life when one hears a song they know a few years later, it then has the potential to re-ignite the entirety of old vibrations, as the song formed part of the soundtrack within the particular timeline when it was listened.

This is how the ancient tribes of the earth stayed in contact with their foundation, through  the use of sacred chants and sounds, which reminded them upon every ceremony that which was most important to their heritage and survival, aspects they could not afford to lose contact with, as it formed their lifeblood.

In the modern world where technology has made it so easy for songs and sounds to follow our entire lives, we have become very easily susceptible to the effect music has on the consciousness, in particular, the way it reconnects consciousness to the timetrack and old timelines via information and corresponding attaching emotions.

The codeword for this program is nostalgia.

When one can listen to a song they “used” to love in their young days and remain totally neutral and unfazed, then one knows that the memory map of that old vibration in the brain is deprogrammed!

Neo’s Stubborn Cortex

This inversion of energy manipulated in the heart allows the cellular structure of the body to become imprinted by emotional memory, but the information tied to such emotions(in the name of survival/animal instincts) is found in the neuronal networks that forms the geometries within dimensions of the neocortex, whereupon information technology may re-trigger such constructions over and over again by the use of HAARP technology filtering from MOBILE ANDROID technologies.

Such technology only affect the brain that is already behaving in a technological state! A machine state!

The reason that such technologies cannot touch a soul-centered person is because they have their earth element, neutral, no resonating factors for AI to play with!

Relationships that are closely tied together to android cellular technology seem to breed all sorts of conflict, as these devices actually have the ability to resonate with any language/information in the cortex in order to RE-TRIGGER THOUGHT to produce any E-LECTRICAL MOTIONS tied to such information maps, as we have seen appear in the blue brain project. The dialogue seen taking place between two parties on the blue screen of the tablet is soon continuing via blue wavelengths in the cortex, enhancing thought processing by multiple degrees.  – Arno Pienaar

We are told by our leading scientists and brian experts that the neo-cortex is mainly for the storage and processing of language.

“In humans, the frontal lobe contains areas devoted to abilities that are enhanced in or unique to our species, such as complex language processing localized to the ventrolateral prefrotal cortex(Broca’s area), in humans and other primates, social and emotional processing is localized to the orbitofrontal cortex ” – Wikipedia

“The orbitofrontal cortex is a prefrontal cortex region in the frontal lobes in the brain which is involved in the cognitive processing of decision-making.” – Wikipedia

Orbitofrontal Cortex

The big joke is this: cognitive processing and decision making are tasks machines do, analyzing information to come up with the best possible solutions, and these solutions are dependent on the quantity of information compounded! Information processing is not the original function of the brain, not even the cortex! Once again, please see the article called: The brain is not a computer.

What I can say is this:

When the life-force is unable to  reach  these “crown areas”  of the head, then you may say, their biology goes haywire. One loses control of their mind.

Their functions become subject to the machine world! Have you perhaps suffered from too much decision making, overthinking!?

Now you probably innerstand the disastrous effect bi(2)logic has in the matrix, the cause and effect of a foreign intelligence with applied consciousness exhibiting its rule over those that have been attacked biologically in the first place, as to hack the logic of biology. – Arno Pienaar

The brian simply cannot handle the information war taking place in the cortex due to the massive information overload in the modern world, this is the primary source of all stress, tensions and anxieties!

Inversion means that you make something work in the opposite way it is supposed to work, such as the brain dictating the heart, instead of the heart dictating the brain! When I say the inherent love in the heart is inverted, what I mean is that its force is polarized and redirected to empower that which is a copy, such as data, which then enforces its own will upon the being and against the source from which its power essentially comes from.

When one reclaims the heart from the clutches of cold machine-like functions, one learns how to respond to the undefined feelings which it generates, which is the primary guiding mechanism for the being, the true heart-felt feelings.

Reclaiming your Cortex

The job of the neo-cortex then is, is to translate such feelings and extrapolate them to perform spontaneous art which manifests raw unfiltered potential from within! Once the heart is back in charge, the new can arise again, but as long as programming is the rule of thumb, the true feelings shall remain suppressed and all one can experience is EMOTION and REACTION built on EMOTION.

Always remember, only robots exhibit electrical motions from compounded information.

That is the difference between emotions and feelings, emotions are the feelings of information processing, and feelings are the vibrations the heart generates when all information processing has ceased, which frees up the cortex to translate your own vibrations and your own real, true needs. It all starts with the heart, it all starts internal, the problem is that when the source of reality is external, the cortex is misused to function with that which has entered from sources that have nothing to do with the inner divine being that is aligned with the earth.

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