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Deprogram The Matrix is a platform started by Arno Pienaar in an attempt to free the digitally enslaved minds trapped within cyberspace. Arno grew up in Durban, South Africa. He Started writing when he was twenty one years of age, blogging for various websites, mainly sharing ancient knowledge on energetic alchemy such as Qigong and tantra. He soon became occupied by deep studies in various fields of knowledge regarding the nature of reality and consciousness. Later on, Arno’s articles on the Matrix became an eye-opening anomaly in the social media community.

After a major life-changing experience that showed to him the source of the “computer generated hologram” we are in, it became clear to him that the only meaningful thing to do at the time was to infiltrate the online spiritual community with new, accurate information.

The great interest which the work sparked in the online spiritual communities led to the publishing of the book, Deprogram The Matrix. This book contains the core of the message from Clemdi, Metaphysical Alchemists, which does guarantee major shifts in consciousness for it contains knowledge that is unlike any modus operadi we can find in the matrix. The new edition is unique because it contains never before seen codes hidden within the English language.

This platform is dedicated to helping those seeking to nullify the mind-centered consciousness, as well as serving as a bridge to connect like-minded individuals all over the world to join hands in new age community building.

Everything you see here is done for the love of all that is. Bloggers do not earn any funds, so any support is highly appreciated. Please share the crucial information to others, and if you believe that it has helped or healed you, please contribute or donate. You can contact Arno through the Facebook link in the first paragraph.

Lastly a big thank you to Clemdi, Metaphysical Alchemists, for making crucial information available sourced in this website.




  1. Elsi says:

    I’ve just read the article how to exit the matrix. Good article agreed with the most. But what about people who murder others or rape them or torture them? Should we stay apathetic towards those as well? So we dont label them as “bad”? What do you mean bad is the result of good and vice versa? Something is going really wrong with this theory. Why should we exit the matrix? It wont make any difference anyway. Just try to make the best of it. Why should we exit the matrix? So we become emotionless and apathetic towards our fellow humans’ pain? Or so we become real victims and let others do whatever the f*** want with us and never feel any pain or be able to see the injustice? This was their plan all along. To forse us eliminate feelings. So they take control. It’s all about control. This is why most things in this world are bad at the current moment. So we give up and surrender and shut down our rich inner world with the most powerful tool of all: Feelings. You’ve got all this wrong. I’ve been there done that. doesnt end up well. People dont need to become apathetic towards real problems of life. People dont need to get convinced that what they are worried about doesnt really exist or it’s not as bad as it seems. People need food to eat, need place to sleep, need to get heard, need to be loved and be taken care of. They dont need apathetic people to “heal” them by making them apathetic too and therefore literal victims.

    • Arno Pienaar says:

      All those that have caused injustice and evil in this reality will meet their maker soon enough! The tremendous amount of negativity going on is purposeful, as to generate fear! Fear = more control in the matrix! Apathy, like all words, is just a word! In order for there to be apathy, there has to be empathy! This is how many matrix based constructs exist, yin and yang. Knowledge, and mainly, the bible, book of good and bad has created this, dark vs. light scenario. You can make of reality what you want, those on the extremes of polarities (mind-based) will experience what the projectors of their minds generate for them, and due to the inability of the masses to stand up for themselves and take responsibility, they are left vulnerable and controlled like sheep by the will of the rulers, that remain in power due to the fear of the masses that keeps the matrix in motion, as the article stated. U are welcome to feel for your fellow human beings, just remember, the words letting go does not mean to let go of fellow human beings, it means letting go of duality, which is something your fellows are entrapped in, like hypnotized zombies. Whether you want to join the struggle or rise above it is your decision. Above it you can do more for your fellow. You are not apathetic for realizing that what is happening here is projected out of false embedded data in the collective!

      • dave says:

        Is this the fault of man itself do you think. Ive wrapped my mind around so much, this is quite interesting, as for myself i am in a different world all togrther. I do not subscribe to the neg. this world likes to serve up, as i in fact have become only an observer sort of speak. I love your articles!! keep them coming!

  2. chimpazilla says:

    What a wonderful blog. I have just finished all the articles and I will re-read them shortly. All of this information resonates with me perfectly, and ties together much of the information I’ve read over the past 20 years or so.

    Could you please explain how the architect/lucifer originally came into being, out of the oneness? What caused him to be created in the first place? Why did he need soul energy? Are there others like him? Thank you in advance for your explanation of this.

    • Arno Pienaar says:

      “It started as an individual! We can only assume. That because the label architect relates to an individual! This individual decided that it was a good idea at the time! He had the concept( illusion) that he was not the brightest star and he set about to change this! It was his personal issue! Thereafter he created a dwindling spiral for everyone to go down so that he would go up! Eventually he became a slave to his own program. He reached a stage that he could not go any further and this was the turning point, of returning back to paradise! Or he set about to challenge his power against the status quo!” – Diclem, Metaphysical Alchemists

      • chimpazilla says:

        Ah, I see! But how did this individual get spawned out of the oneness? More importantly, how did such an IMPERFECT being get spawned out of the oneness, if the oneness is perfection?

        I have another question, you have referred to individuals who possess no soul connection. To clarify, are you saying that some humans possess a soul (these people can wake up and be aware of the oneness), and that some other humans have NO soul (no connection to the oneness) but are instead born directly out of the matrix, whose only purpose is to play Agent Smith in the lives of “souled” people? I think I know at least one person who is “100% pure Agent Smith” but I want to make sure that is what you meant. I would assume these pure Agent Smith people are psychopaths with no capacity for empathy, hence no sense of the oneness.

        Thank you for your answers and thank you for this blog! I’m reading the articles on dreamcatcherreality too, great stuff all of it!!!

        • Arno Pienaar says:

          Every being is part of the one soul. You can sell your soul for the matrix, but the thing is, the soul is priceless. In other words it cannot be broken or given away, for it is absolutely eternal. It is still there in the most evil, no matter how disguised. In the end, the consciousness in everyone will have to be faced, does not matter who you are, for it is the only absolute nature of self. When I say no soul-connection, I mean NOT CONNECTED to the soul, not NO SOUL. But, in would seem as if there is no soul, when a being is completely MIND-CENTERED. Anybody plugged to the mind is an agent, but the thing is, when you are completely SOUL-CENTERED, then you are inside of everyone MIND-CENTERED. They may like it or not. The soul is always there, it allows whatever, to take place unconditionally. People that break ether, the law of oneness, do suffer the consequences, they end up on the receiving end of their own aftermath. They shall do time until consciousness reaches them, finally.

    • Chianna says:

      Exactly. What kind of person do you want to be around? Ask yourself that question and yo#8;&217ull have your answer to becoming a better person. Thanks for reading.

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