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If you are interested to work with Alchemists that have the potency to help you alchemize any programmed matrix-based construct, that have more than thirty years experience in healings, please see their brief background and what it is they do underneath:

Metaphysical Alchemists Under the Name of Clemdi.

“Alchemy” is not a treatment, it is a cure! We are the catalyst and you are the Alchemist! The real you, “The soul” is comprised of The 5 elements; Ether, Earth, Water, Fire and Oxygen & has no limitations and the potency to handle any issues!

Whereas up to now you have been using the mind, which is designed to make the problems! The Mind, it is not your mind, you didn’t create it; it is “The Matrix”. It serves only one Master, the Architect!

You the Soul, materializes the mind program & it dictates to you! You are forced to materialize his reality and thereby you become a “Me”(persona/ personality) running on 5 senses. The Me is the lower self; The Ego!

Alchemize is to return the “Me” back to “I the soul”( Higher consciousness /5 elements) and to manifestation. Alchemize is to return back to soul center, which is consciousness! This puts you back into the Now! Restores your “Mojo” When you are in the Now, the matrix has lost its power! – Diclem, Metaphysical Alchemists

DiClem (Metaphysical Alchemists) Email :

Important! Please do not contact Diclem for Q&A, only if you are interested in doing Alchemy, please contact them for further information.