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  1. Banishing the Waiting Game


    November 19, 2016 by deprogramthematrix

    In the deception of religion millions have been lead astray in the past to embrace a waiting game. Not only …
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  2. Transcending Beyond The Game – Ownership (Part 2)


    September 26, 2016 by deprogramthematrix

    Ownership is a behaviour solely witnessed among the human-beings¬† on planet earth. It is one of the greatest matrix-based constructs, …
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  3. Mastering Creation Via Sound


    September 22, 2016 by deprogramthematrix

    I have personally met many people that are incredibly spiritually gifted, most of whom becomes infused with their egos and …
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  4. The Occident and the Oriental (Match made in Heaven)


    September 13, 2016 by deprogramthematrix

    One great thing that the natural environment can teach one, is that it clearly shows that it never stops, like …
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  5. Transcending Beyond The Game (Part 1)


    September 10, 2016 by deprogramthematrix

    You can only be monitored and controlled by the management of the digital hologram when you are using the mind …
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  6. Your Brain does not Process Information and is not a Computer


    August 16, 2016 by deprogramthematrix

    Article Source: Aeon No matter how hard they try, brain scientists and cognitive psychologists will never find a copy of …
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  7. Mind-Altering Quantum Experiment Shows Time Has Never Existed As We Think It Does


    August 7, 2016 by deprogramthematrix

    Article Source: Cosmic Scientist In 2012 US National Medal of Science award winner Yakir Aharonov, who is regarded as one …
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  8. Deprogramming Sacred Geometry Deception (Including Biological Ramifications)


    July 14, 2016 by deprogramthematrix

    The code of the matrix is the information gathered by the study of this particular creation, data from the external …
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  9. The Forgotten Chakras & The Earth Element


    June 21, 2016 by deprogramthematrix

    Walking Meditation was natural custom for the ancients on planet Earth before the matrix invaded and took over. Besides for …
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  10. Dismantling The Trinary Trinity of Tri-Infinity


    June 16, 2016 by deprogramthematrix

    Please see Doubt, one of the sides of this trinity if you haven’t yet.¬† Now it is time to examine …
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