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Deprogramming Manifestation Fuzzy Logics – The Masterkey (Part 3)


January 22, 2017 by deprogramthematrix


Now we will gain clarity on how duality exactly originates and how it is that you unconsciously materialize opposition within your reality. This is important because when one is not manifesting their reality then one is by default materializing opposition in a foreign parallel reality which is of course duality. So far, most people have been doing a good job materializing the architect’s reality which results in everyone versus everyone.

Remember always that in the beginning was the word and of course, it is from the word that material laws come into play. It is from form that one actually evokes material laws which boxes you in according to matrix-based mechanisms.

From and Form is an anagram, from can only relate to any form, from a form can only be related to time, and from also includes “morf” (morph) within the anagram, which gives us a palindrome as well! Its yet again another massive spell.

When operating under from/form, one must not be surprised that it does morf you according to matrix-based mechanisms being opposition and polarity, resulting from administering digital solutions (mind) which basically creates cause and effect/relativity/karma!

Sticking to form is the domain with “tried & tested” rules which you do not want to operate under. Something is not better than nothing and never has been. Something is mortality and no thing is immortality. Something ends but nothing never will, which means infinite potential which the mind knows not of, something we call the undefined heart, which is the heart of all things!

Turned to Stone

Even if you want to bring the most aligned cosmic manifestation to earth, it will become thwarted and disabled when your energy is smothering it before it has been realized in physicality.

It is common knowledge to not water your seed too much!

In other words, what you mentally masturbate to, will become turned to stone as a statue one is bound worshiping, another god that does not exist, an empty vessel, only in your mind, where any objectivity can have power over you!

This is how something can dictate the no-thing! This is an unconscious state because the form (unconscious/AI) is controlling the formless (consciousness/soul). AI simply wants to cement the natural free-flow of intelligence to a single snapshot prohibiting common sense!

This is the whole game in the matrix where human-kind is lost on the electromagnetic wavelength of love. Once you are hooked by this mindset, circumstances become very challenging and end-up disabling a grounded manifestation on earth, due to falling victim to matrix-based mechanisms by unconsciously playing by material laws.

When you can be kept above (cyberspace) by the management of the matrix, you will be unfounded and ungrounded on your own two feet, you will lose yourself to yourself in the “below”!

It will induce negativity from your energizing digital spark before it has even been embodied and manifested, because, it creates the terminal and the opposition that comes with it.

Furthermore, by reading this brilliant article from, called: Thinking positive is a surprisingly risky maneuver, one can see how it has been found recently by practical psychological research that people who are too positive and create “unrealistic, dreamlike” expectations for themselves, are far less able to actually perform to their full potential…

“Indulging in undirected positive flights of fancy isn’t always in our interest. Positive thinking can make us feel better in the short term, but over the long term it saps our motivation, preventing us from achieving our wishes and goals, and leaving us feeling frustrated, stymied and stuck. If we really want to move ahead in our lives, engage with the world and feel energised, we need to go beyond positive thinking and connect as well with the obstacles that stand in our way. By bringing our dreams into contact with reality, we can unleash our greatest energies and make the most progress in our lives.”  –

“Such relaxation occurs because positive fantasies fool our minds into thinking that we’ve already achieved our goals – what psychologists call ‘mental attainment’. We achieve our goals virtually and thus feel less need to take action in the real world. As a result, we don’t do what it takes to actually succeed in achieving our goals. In multiple experiments, we found that people who positively fantasise about the future don’t, in fact, work as hard as those with more negative, questioning or factual thoughts, and this leaves them to struggle with poorer performance.” –

When you are playing god which is a doubt, a trick made-believed by so many manifestation gurus stating: “we are gods”, one will invariably lose in this game where the mind always wins leaving you with exactly that which you don’t want!

It is deception that we are masters of form. It is inception that we are masters of the formless, which is paradoxically where you are master of form. You cannot enter manifestation out of form, only within the formless.

Unrealistic implanted thoughts via tabloidal medial indoctrination is solely responsible for worldwide depression and confusion. When new ideas create new attractive forms that people aspire towards, giving up becomes far more prevalent as soon as the environment and circumstances do not play along with unrealistic demands from the deluded mind-co-operator(ego), which causes more profound negativity/resistance and persistence of exactly that which you hypnotically do not want in your life due to the advent of “american dreamlike ideologies!”

It is like showing a little kid some candy and telling the kid she/he is not allowed to have it, suddenly the kid is not content with the present moment anymore! Suddenly the kid delusionally does not have enough anymore. In my article about the facebook agenda, one can read more how social media worsens this effect!

Crafting the Master-key

A knowing is a feint taste or spark of a lead that keeps excitement alive and well in every new moment blossoming, revealing more of the one infinite creator to itself, the consciousness becoming more conscious!

This is in fact the only progress that exists, progress into consciousness! We now know that data and information does not help this cause, we now know that the meeting of the soul unceasingly does!

One has to be very deeply into the grounded plight in the material world to actually taste the spiritual! It is material consciousness that only wants to be spiritual without getting dirty.

This is the attitude of the patrons of the architect!

Imagine for one moment that this is the last lifetime you have been waiting for to transcend the wheel of time! What does this mean? Nobody really knows for sure, simply because we are moving into an era that has never been accomplished before! And we will consciously accomplish a new conscious creation collectively that will reflect a completely new earth. How exciting is this, how badly do you want to take part in this? How deep do you want to be a part of this unfolding? Well, you are here for exactly just that! To see the blossoming of consciousness seen like never before. It is going to happen, and this is what I know. Anything else attempting to distort clear sight is just the last of the tapes replaying their own uninstallations!

What you do not know has absolute power over you. That which you do not know is actually found within thoughts.


All end-goals are illusions, which debilitates the perception of the NOW where manifestation is always unfolding.

Agents and Statements

When one meets others in the matrix that are centered in the mind, they, by custom want to know who you are, they want to label you, class you, turn you into a statistic, put you into a box to be understood!

Within all of the cubes you have succumbed to by yourself and others, lie all the sources of AI. This is why we have the concept known as storytelling cubes in computer science!

And guess what, storytelling cubes (207) in numerology is connected to cognitive dissonance (207) – Deprogram The Matrix

What you want to attempt to avoid is to prevent yourself from ever being boxed through fear, by others and from yourself! A lack of confidence causes this phenomena of giving into the projections of others!  It is only because of fear that you have ever been put within a data-cube!

Do you ever feel a bit strange when an agent starts asking you questions relating to your identity, as if it is a policeman checking up on you whether you are still in robot-mode?

Our natural response is to give in and act momentarily normal! By taking this stance, what happens is your statement by the use of the word, is energized together with fear which is the most powerful of negative energies! Agents confront you, their intention is unconscious, but it is part of the collective unconscious tape playing out its “normal” generality which is keeping everyone normal and inside time.

The day must come to rise above this blasphemy!

In the matrix, fear always has its way, and by not being true, by being controlled by the limits of imposing identity, the wavelength from your attachment shall overwhelm you to act normal, the fear shall over-write you, and so, nothing good above that of normality can arise, especially a manifestation.

In the matrix where the reality is full of agents, one must be very careful who you share your energy with, especially your hopes and dreams. The reason for this is that everyone using mind(digital solutions) will materialize opposing forces to that which you are stating via the word.

Removing your attachment to the statement of that which you wish to manifest will end the duality regarding yourself and the external macrocosm, it will bring about a careless ease, that cannot be veered off a path because there is no path in actuality.

The behavior we need to look at is that of gloating and emphasizing, pride, seeking to impress, seeking acceptance, seeking worthiness, like a peacock with its courting ritual.

Tracer Statements

These traits create the prime “tracer” which will allow trackers to find you and feed from your energy prohibiting you every step of the way. Agents materializing digital worlds in the matrix do so by fighting their way through this mechanism, or by selling themselves out to the architect and his creation via ritual!

When operating under digital solutions, your energy actually creates a signal in cyberspace which allows IT to hassle with you and keep you pinned down, in order to keep the caste system well up and beyond by the opposition which ensues from the upholded construct from your side which is being attempted to be brought into the material world.

Take note that the elite have cleverly used material laws to materialize the architect’s reality by religions and matrix-programming. This means that you cannot bring something to reality with the same laws unless you choose to sell your soul to the architects reality like the elite have done!

Alan Watts: If you think before you act, the devil will always catch you.

Alan Watts perfectly captured the phenomena of sabotaging yourself before you manifest.

So in other words there is a massive amount of opposing forces just waiting to oppose you as soon as you uphold one form which you wish to bring forth.

Have you ever almost tasted a lucky break, only for it to fail beforehand because you have over-zealously spoken to others that you kinda already have it, and then suddenly something crazy manifests and you do not get what you want! This happens because the all seeing eye got a hold of what you doing, and so, oppositional forces were evoked!

You definitely don’t want to smother the entire experience/fantasy in cyberspace to the point that you’ve kind of already had it. This will lead to the complete exhaustion of the attractive force that keeps one in consistent action in physicality leading to the manifestation in the NOW.



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