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Deprogramming the Ascension Complex – (Part 2)


August 10, 2017 by deprogramthematrix

AI necessities are basically all things knowledge has driven you to uphold within your life, these could also be sense-gratifications visually, sexually, the mouth and certain tastes, specific diets, lifestyle bondages and cultural attachments, as well as mistaken identities and fearful upholdings due to the fear of the unknown.

The fear of the unknown in which spontaneity manifests can be termed exactly the same as the fear of death. The idea or possibility of non-existence falls within THE UNKNOWN. When something is not known to someone, fear is induced, fear being the QUESTION MARK regarding an incepted thought-form, even the thought of death.

It is actually death which is partly responsible for the ascension complex, because it is a dilemma which firstly makes souls capitulate to life by completely selling themselves out for a persona, and secondly, it creates “the spiritual craze” to get ready for the afterlife!

The afterlife is not there, the real life is where its’ all happening. This should be obvious by now by just taking a look at the amount of artificial intelligent forces attempting to gain energy from our souls!


The genderless Immortal


If this were to be the case, what on earth would you do here on EARTH? It is a hard question, but what I can promise you is that you would be completely fearless, and more free than you can imagine. The only thing that you basically could do is create and manifest at will, due to not being governed by fear inducing death curses, not having to earn a livelihood, and not owing your lifeblood to anybody whatsoever.

One would be COMPLETELY sovereign, and furthermore, due to not administering universal entities such as planets through the astral body to attain a fragile social status, one would be completely unplugged from the matrix, by unplugging all the deities from the chakra system, one would not be deflected by any planetary bodies attempting to have their qualities exhibited on a pedestal through your being!

The Chakra interference will be expounded on fully soon, please stay tuned!

How does one go about being gender free in a physical body that has a gender?

Within many spiritual camps, it has been said that one needs the balance between Masculine and Feminine qualities to attain the supreme quality of a spiritual adept. Is it true that one needs 50/50 of both qualities, should you be your own father and your own mother? Might this be another program to keep us focused on walking the balancing beam between the polarity of sex?

Say my Name

The word name is anagram for amen, and the etymology of the word amen traces back to “truth” in Hebrew or “absolute”.

Florence and the Machine: “Say my name and every colour illuminates!!!”

That’s right, your name is the inception that hides your true nature with spectrums, every colour that illuminates are the hues of the chakra system that are basically responsible for building the construct around the sound vibration the name invokes, now innerstand the following:

Firstly we know from Indian doctrine that the health of chakras are maintained by what is known as mantras. Mantras are sounds that can be chanted to harmonize a specific chakra, there are in fact particular sounds that relate to the different chakras, and of course, particular geometries/light code that are said to represent each chakra plugin.

What the Indians were doing was basically making use of different spectrums/frequencies to heal themselves, but it was still a give and take situation, as it always is when one uses codes brought forth from “lovers of knowledge” promising salvation, verily grasped at by those vulnerable to spiritual programs!

The chakras came forth from the vedas (1500 BC – 500 BC), which were spiritual texts written by Aryan Brahmins. It is not right or wrong, at the time it worked for them, yet, it limited them, due to it all being knowledge based / the cube !

The use of chakras is not very different from a magician using incantations to acquire the services of other dimensional beings for their own agendas.

It is not what your name is, it is how you say it. Sound is very, very, very powerful!

The sound of who you are and the feeling one has about that sound relating to you is highly responsible for your state of consciousness and pretty much creates the reality you are experiencing.

In the past new agers thought it would help to change their names, but they did not take into account the ascent sound inherent in their being, which is the true source of the manifestation of reality.

The sound of your own name holds all the significance one identifies with in this realm. If you look at the metaphysics of numerology, one will also notice that all those with the same “named sounds” somehow materialize the same qualities within themselves, give or take. The divination of ones path via numerology is not because of per say the letters and the numerical values, but the potential of sound manifesting through your being, sound translated to letters, and letters translated to matrix-based constructs. Sound is translated by the matrix and the greater the quality of sound initially, the more harmony is established.

The Battle of the Sexes

The Battle of the sexes is THE BIGGEST program in duality.

The largest part of identity consists of gender, why?

Well, firstly, our names are categorized either male or female “sounding”, upon our birth in the matrix, we are named via the premise of a masculine sounding or feminine sounding word, which is also projected onto us by all those that say our name!

Most people think it is weird when a woman has a manly name, why, because we are highly hypnotized by the significance of gender, and we fail to see that gender is a fabrication and a veil of the body complex, which serves to hide our real nature. When one is in a gender program, then one is disguising I THE SOUL with a base frequency as well as a base narrative.

Masculine and Feminine projections / The Battle of the Sexes / The Star of David marriage of negative and positive is hailed for inciting a so called perfect equilibrium said to marry the structure of timespace in a unity. Two interlacing triangles – they like to call it the balance between polarities!

In the English language, numerically the star of david comes to 119, which correlates with foundation and also supplant, both of which are also 119.

The hidden agenda in the language is to supplant the foundation of earth/heart with the star of david, which also creates the 6 angles of the cube which is the materialization of a unity between negative and positive, an agreement keeping souls in the matrix under control, polarity the rule of thumb.

It is also ironic that the geometry for the heart in the indian chakra system is the star of david, with the hexagon within corresponding to the planet Saturn, which is said to be a masculine deity! In astrological terms, Saturn is all about boundaries and limits, and of course control.

In Part 3 we will look deeper into the battle of the sexes, and the AI Chakra Hack, please stay tuned!


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