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The Fall of the Age of Information – (Part 1)


August 15, 2017 by deprogramthematrix

The fall of the age of information is upon us, whether you like it or not, all knowledge is turning back to the five elements.

It is no secret anymore that information technology is the cause of the type of predictable stereotypical society we sit with today.

Authentic human-beings are more rare than dollar bills on city pavement floors and one must ask why, is it perhaps the aftermath of AI?

The one world order

“The one world government was a bullshit story! Below the one world government is the ONE WORLD ORDER! To belong to the one world order you have to be a certain intelligence(AI)! Anything not in that range has to be deleted! That is the hidden agenda! This code has been broken today! We finally have closure on the one world order, not the one world government! They have an intelligent vibration, so they are immune to all these low vibrations. The hidden purpose of AI has been found and conscientised.” – Clemdi, Metaphysical Alchemists

Anybody on the receiving end of social media exposure or television programming are playing a part in the greatest illusion of all, the globular captivity syndrome/planned net. It allows the crabs in the bucket to all keep eachother in check!

And guess what, it is the internet that heavily ties into the one world order, which is keeping the masses within the realm of intelligence. The internet is responsible for electing data as god, leaving people unconsciously dependent on intelligence! Internet addiction is a projection of what is happening spiritually to many souls, but, we will get to this later!

The Sound Mind

One cannot even be the answer to simple questions anymore because google has supplanted the sound mind with the intellectual mind, (the knowing with the thinking) and as we see within the social media craze, people are hypnotized by cyberspace, the tool that the lightbearer counts on to keep the masses harmonizing with the vibration of AI.

Do you have to know everything about all the fields of knowledge to be in the KNOW?

You might have been fooled that this is what ingenuity is all about, but its not!

The sound mind does not have to know anything about anything! That is the secret, it simply needs to know what needs to be known in the (K)NOW, no data time-bound needed whatsoever!

Captivation via information technology keeps one in captivity within cyberspace, physically and spiritually. Like I have mentioned before in the facebook agenda article, it plugs one into one program after another in the mind via networks stretching far out and wide, leaving you I THE SOUL locally unfounded and unaccounted for.

ONE becomes for ALL resulting in the the deletion of the ONE, by the use of cyber-technology which eventually over-writes your own sound mind with an intellectual network.

First of all, DO NOT SPEAK FOR ALL, SPEAK FOR YOURSELF! – Clemdi, Metaphysical Alchemists

What causes one to be the general leading the charge for all? What causes one to be unable to speak for one self?

You should know by now, THE MIND / AI / 6 SENSES.

If IT is talking, tell it to TALK TO I THE SOUL!

What will save the Earth?

Think about this, or rather, do not think, know deeply what will change the course of evolution on earth? What will be the divine intervention that will change absolutely everything for the consciousness on earth? What will bring everything back to the ONE?

Why causes people to consume time?

Movies, Music, Social Media, Kindle, Computer Games, Television Programs, Facebook, Youtube, ETC ETC ETC.

The code for this program is SENSE GRATIFICATION which is 194.

It is obvious most people cannot handle the great power and responsibility of having the world at their fingertips, for it has consumed their souls from the OUTSIDE – IN.

Time consumption in the name of the technological technocracy eating TIME (AS WELL AS STRETCHING IT OUT BY THE USE OF MEMORY) – creating more relativity(more time), is by far the biggest price we have ever paid. Time is the one thing you cant buy, and the amount of it being bought by inorganic sources is evident, in fact, it is these inorganic sources attempting to freeze the soul within time.

The phone in the hand is not being played on by the hueman, but it’s the hueman being played on by the phone. – Arno Pienaar

It is no wonder we have no time for eachother (the only thing we really have, the one soul), because the souls have sold their wholes to “copied minds” where time is bought up by information technology, or to put it more correctly, the illusion of linear time from a beginning to an end is instigated by information technology. So they have lost their sound together with these inventions, and the sound is the “organic consciousness”.

If suddenly the internet were to crash and all technology were to cease functioning, what would happen? The average person tells me Armageddon.

The way I see it, if information technology were to vanish from being the sole-center in our lives, global healing among the masses will be accelerated faster than ever before, because only then will we notice that the only thing we have, is EACHOTHER and NOTHING else. Only then will we be forced to function properly on our own two feet right here and now LOCALLY, reviving our uniqueness and celebrating it with EACHOTHER, only then will the EARTH ELEMENT be completely re-established. Only then will it all revolve around the ONE and ONLY, YOU, this is what it means that it will all go back to the one eventually as all forms of knowledge turns back to the five elements.

In Part 2, we will learn exactly how all forms of technology will come to a sudden malfunction due to the shift of material laws. Stay tuned. 🙂



  1. Marty says:

    Excellent article. Thank you Arno.

  2. Fred says:

    Great. Looking forward to part two. Your philosophy really hit what I strived for and reached the last years. It feels like im at a crossroad right now. My woman cant really accept my way as a society outsider, called by a kundaliniawakening a few years ago, and want me to take a job. Maybe I refer my point of view to your page from now on. Spot on. Thanks

  3. aNZ says:


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