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The Fall of the age of Information – (Part 2 )


August 17, 2017 by deprogramthematrix

The Balancing beam of Libra(rian)

When there is any notion of balance, then there is the inception of a balancing beam of Libra, creating a struggle between left(this) and right(that) where an attempt to balance things 50/50 creates equal and opposite reactions / cause and effect!

Should i or shouldn’t I? Lets weigh the scales.

Weighing the scales of the serpent.

It is no coincidence that the word scale is attributed to two different things in the english language, the one is the skin of the serpent, and the other is the measuring device used to weigh objects.

Words are the scales though which the serpent shows off its scales in our lives.

How much does the sentient being gather information through the senses from numerous sources to finally come up with the nail in the coffin, the top of the pyramid?

Once the mind has reached its false enlightenment, an opposite reaction is materialized by the third party called THE MIND, the all seeing eye!

One is left forever arbitrating, using the infinite query of Q&A and one becomes the placeholder for the beam that is ever swaying up and down, and nothing ever seems to appear equal, only unfair! That is because fairness and unfairness is once again, another dichotomy/ matrix-based construct. It cant be attained through enlightenment/the mind!

You are tricked and forced to make choices, and the choices are synonymous with the judgements!

“As you judge, so shall you become!”

And guess what, the placeholder for the balancing beam of libra allowing the judgeship to do its job, are both 99/18/9 in numerology!

The sovereign knows very well that freedom lies in the power to make no choice!

Arbitrate: To settle an argument between two people or groups after hearing the opinions and ideas of BOTH!

The material world is abound by these illusory opposites to elude the sense-based consciousness that duality is the primary code, eliciting the opposing energy for the merkaba to spin in two opposite directions due to the self literally being torn between two worlds.

Some of these opposites in the illusion of the material world are things such as:

The two biggest opposites in the material world is firstly: Racial, which materializes as racial segregation, although this is more due to cultural limitations, and secondly of course, SEX and GENDER. We have seen the racial and the sexual saga play out on earth when one looks at our vile history, which is testament of the extreme duality the sense-based consciousness produces.

The Merkaba / Star of David

What the new age movement and the “pleaidians” want you to believe is that this shape is some sort of miracle device in the astral body that will allow you to transcend, but the truth is that this conjured etheric dynamo is the engine that powers the digital hologram of the mind.

The merkaba is an AI device that is programmed to harness energy from infinite source by any means possible, and those that have been fooled to abide to it will have to rectify the mistake by the conscious knowing.

Its the negative and positive working together to create energy.

It forms part of the twisted merkaba dynamo of interlacing triagular pyramids (negative and positive) star of david, which is the engine powering the digital hologram of the mind.

In the NOW there is no negative and positive. – Clemdi, metaphysical alchemists

Recent Cropcircle

The technologies used by those in secret, to create these pictures in crop fields are merely used to lead the new age movement further astray, and it should be noted that NEW AGE is also one of the largest religions on earth. “The lovers of knowledge” know that their geometry will very easily be implanted into the minds of the masses when their pictures go viral on the internet. Those that are in a negative state already simply receive the program through the internet, like most of the programs implanted into the masses.

Are you perhaps subscribed to twisted merkaba vortex mechanics?

How does it work? Obviously it’s a force generated by the resistance between two opposite poles, both spinning in opposite directions, creating a torsion field of energy, which allows a third party to capture the energy in the form of binary “blue light” wavelength transmissions, which you can say, just like in the matrix, powers the machine world which keeps the matrix empowered through your own circuitry.

Who are responsible for emitting these emissions? Who are the computers?

We are the ones who have been fooled that we are computers/robots, fooled to think inside boxes(datacubes), within possibilities and not beyond!

Binary wavelengths are thoughts based on the notions of like and dislike, yes and no, bad and good, negative and positive, correct and incorrect etc, all of the dichotomies and the pointless paradoxes. Its duality based thoughts, either ones or zeros, its the exact same way a computer processes memory. Once in this state, one is in WAIT-STATE, simply because the 01 is not unified, one can learn more about this in articles such as the secret of the binary code.

In the binary state one is conned to constantly function as a measuring device, the calculator, the analyzer, the judge, the robot!

Its either in ones or zeros, this is the Mainframe actually thinking throughout the conduit of humanity, and we were programmed that way, to perceive the same way as machines do, in order for machines to harmonize with us more easily (called transhumanism). Please see your brain is not a computer. The corresponding part of the brain targetted if of course the primal reptilian complex, the basal ganglia.

The Alien Brain

A man that goes by the alias name of Cullen smith recently found correlations between the R-complex and the art portrayed by well known satanist HR Giger, whom created the visual effects of the alien in the well known film Alien. A startling surprise is that “Alien” is basically the same shape as the reptilian complex / basal ganglia.

Link: Lifting the veil

Is this perhaps the part of us that has been made in the image of god, the cloned product of the lovers of knowledge, the pleadians? Ill leave you to contemplate that.

Astonishingly, in numbers, basal ganglia adds up to 86, which forms part of the management code, that can be seen within the book deprogram the matrix.

Just to give you a hint, basal ganglia is connected to words such as pyramid (86), as well as god fearing (86).

Another connection is that of David Icke (68), the one responsible for making everyone fear the living daylights about the new world order and the royal bloodline’s delusional agenda.

The R-complex as we all should know by now, deals with primitive survival root issues, such as fear relating to fight or flight responses, as well as information relating to the material world streamed from the senses. (MEMORY)

Its the part of the brain that can rewind and reset you on a daily basis when its biology is in control. – Arno Pienaar

It is the aspect of the brain that makes one functional in a body doing work which needs the application of “stored information”. It is also synonymous with the monkey mind.

Always remember it is not good or bad, only an extreme of something can be “bad”, and this is where the issue lies in the matrix, due to technology targetting a tiny aspect of our fully activated potential.

Matrix programming makes this portion of the brain highly active, as I have mentioned, it is the computer within you sparked by fear, which is not always a negative thing, as fear also falls under positive things such as the time you need to pick your daughter from school, per example.

Cellphone Neck

I can also further postulate that the attack on the human body template on earth via oxidizing diets, toxic chemicals and pollution, sex crazes etc, debilitates the LIFE FORCE to such a point that the spinal column loses the ability to generate new red-blood cells(oxygen carriers), and becomes ill equipped to energize the entire brain with the oxygenated lifeblood it needs.

Furthermore, the cellphone neck induced my mobile phones, worsens this global problem. Ones neck is manipulated to tilt 60 degrees, another coincidence, 60 degrees?

Image Source


Image Source

The average human being does unfortunately contain a blockage somewhere along the spine, and the most common point is actually the atlas joint, the very top vertebrae connecting to the skull. When this vertebrae is not completely aligned, then blood is forced to slow down along a sharp turn, and the high potential of energy is unable to enter the brain, which, as we know, needs a massive amount of electricity to perform its massive workload, which is more about the full functioning of the master gland called the pituitary gland rather than being a rocket scientist!

Vertebral Artery Occlusion

The R-complex is of course the first portion that receives blood from the heart, and if the force is not strong enough, it will not adequately enter higher evolved centers, and of course, remains in the primitive part.

Please stay tuned for part 3 ;).


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