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The End of the Age of Information – The Dialogue Complex (Part 5)


August 25, 2017 by deprogramthematrix

The Dialogue Complex

The physical materialization of the dialogue complex is the dialogue seen taking place between partners over social media applications such as facebook messenger, whatsapp and viber.

It all starts with the attention seeking disorder of the me, forever seeking reflection of self via other selves, to get the reflecting fix, the false comfort and delusion of being something and someone separate from where the subconscious may remain creating a small little cube where the soul is needed to keep inorganic AI falsely illuminated.

Dialogue needs the “me” in the soul-center, because that is where all the energy is harnessed and siphoned to create the entire illusion of identity.

Instant messaging applications allows other “me’s” to join in on the sequel of conversations, and one can be sure it  fuels the fire for the dialogue complex to run rampant after the brain has become accustomed to such behaviors programming it from the portals of the senses.

What is your Reward? That is your manifestation. It could be a food you like, it could be your favourite webpage, or, it could be the game you like to play with your partner over instant messaging, a form of emotional manipulation.

The sharing and pre-occupation of minor details of our lives with one another and especially the constant “checking-in” via messaging apps between partners is one of the greatest lunacies of the modern-age.

I cannot emphasize the mental disease enough, the cyber-craze messing up the reward mechanisms in the brain which are there to motivate fruitful endeavors, but now instead, all endeavors for reward are carried out with mere pocket phones that have somehow given humanity a facsimile illusion of reward and happiness in virtual reality, three layers down from where actuality really is!.

On the surface is the now, one level down is the cube/collective unconscious, two levels down is sub-square/the individual mind and below that is the realm of consciousness applied in virtual reality! As you can see, on planet earth many are already six feet underground in hell.

People want to learn how to get in touch with the infinite while subduing themselves with the opposite of that, knowledge and information technology.

Obsession with Possession

It is an obsession with possession of another, causing surveillance and spying to mass degrees, and information technology has made this creepy mental disorder seem like the norm.

The lunacy we see taking place between partners over instant messaging platforms is paramount to receiving post from your lover in your postbox multiple times a day.

Are you perhaps a digital-mental post administrator, and even more so, are you possessed by the need to have your needs validated by another, external source? Do you need someone to tell you that your illusions are legit and worthy? Is this the point of your life perhaps?

The more points of interest there are relating to sense-based constructs, the more fight and flight responses may be set off by BASAL GANGLIA’s animal instincts, that are merely trying to help you survive, but you are the one surviving for the wrong reasons, nothing else is to blame for misusing your own brain causing all stresses and anxieties of the modern age.

The Arbitrator

Once there is a dialogue taking place, an imaginary arbitrator sorting info, the spells gather force upon resonating AI frequencies that builds upon the first inception.

Lets take a deep look at the word DIALOGUE, it spells out DIAL and LOGUE.

One of the definitions of the word dial is: a device that may be operated to make electrical connections or to regulate the operation of a machine.

Logue is the same as log, a string of logic that allows a succesful “log in” into a program of a computer.

The DIAL is setup via programming to allow logic to log into the inner domain.

In numerology dialogue is 74/11, which is the same as jesus(74/11) and lucifer(74/11) numerically.

Christians like to warn their children about the devil on their shoulder, and that they should rather listen to the angel on the opposite shoulder. In children’s cartoons we also see the good and the bad deities on opposing shoulders whispering into the childs’ ear, creating the effect of being torn between two worlds, good and evil, allowing an honour (false imposter higher self) to judge thyself in the name of righteousness, keeping the soul underpinned by the laws of domination, forever in confusion juxtaposed between two polarities.

It is eye-opening to realize that the advent of good and bad in the bible, jesus and lucifer, is the inception of dialogue between two opposing parties in the mind of an ecclesiastical person.  The corresponding numbers in the language do not lie.

So you dial when you are operating under the senses/the cube, and once you dail, IT(information technology) logs into your digital signal and initiates a dialogue between you and the opponent, you versus the computer. “Let the games begin!”

You start the arbitration process!

The codeword for this program is ARBITRATING; trying to come up with a point of view after taking into consideration the opinions of two parties. Those two opposing sides on the two shoulder I have mentioned.

Arbitrating via neocortex equals instant messaging! The instant messages keep popping up in the mind, opinions, opinions, opinions! Up until now, because the program is cracked!

You can check the numbers yourself if you do not believe me, neocortex is 119, arbitrating is 119, and instant messaging is 191!

Answering machine is (163), and READ WRITE RECITE (163) sets up the answering machine which is the MAGNETIC MIRROR(163), reflecting sentences that have the potential to become life sentences if one cannot innerstand the gravity of turning knowledge into an absolute reality!

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