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Deprogram The Matrix


Deprogram the matrix is not only a book about the world we live in that is pre-conceived with rules, laws and limitations. It is a book that opens a soul to absolutes, primordial foundations of the universe independent of what human beings think the universe consists of. We have quantified existence down to human scale and this scale that we use to measure reality ends up dictating reality to us.

Within this book the reader will learn how the soul ended up in this reality, and how consciousness has been conned to create a matrix which is set up to be against consciousness itself and not in the best wishes of the soul. Unlike any other books about the digital hologram of the mind, this one contains the wisdom of over thirty five years of practical experience in the fields of metaphysical healings. I hereby present the keys for the individual to unplug completely from fueling this dualistic reality, which leads to a transcendence above and beyond the constraints of mans and gods laws.

Many secrets are contained within this book, knowledge that has been hidden from the masses for the purpose of keeping consciousness within the tiny box of linear abstract attachment, which is what materializes the reality we fall subject to, due to the mistake of objectifying matter and subjectifying our own significance in the first place. Mind gives rise to matter, and the matter we are face to face with on Earth, is a product of the collective unconscious mass programmed mind.

Deprogram the Matrix contains various metaphysical techniques to deprogram yourself back to a zero point, where you can regain your own consciousness from the matrix in order to re-establish your own creation, not a creation programmed by words and numbers. Within the book the reader can also find the major sets/grids of words that form the main core of the spells in the reality, in order to break free from the programming.

Clarity on Polarity, Clarity on Agent Smith, Clarity on the Binary Code, Clarity on the Mind Machine, Clarity on the One, Clarity on the Programs.


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